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Weekly Manifestation Magic: June Edition on Energetic Sales

Updated: Jun 22

Stress-Free Sales energetic sales

Welcome to the Manifestation Magic Corner, a special spot on the blog for ambitious women entrepreneurs who believe in the magic of their dreams but sometimes find the entrepreneurial path a bit daunting. I'm here to sprinkle a little pixie dust on those doubts and fears, transforming them into confidence, clarity, and success.

Here at the Aligned Business Woman community, we stand on the pillars of empowerment, confidence, and a harmonious blend of mindset and actionable strategy designed to escort you from where you are to where you've always dreamed of being.

Our mission? To make the entrepreneurship journey not just profitable but deeply fulfilling and aligned with who you truly are.

Each week, I'll share nuggets of wisdom on manifestation, mindset shifts, simple yet effective business strategies, and wealth embodiment exercises, all tailored specifically for you—the woman who’s ready to wield her unique power and create a legacy of joy, abundance, and impact.

Whether you're a seasoned CEO or just starting to sketch your empire, these tips will help you align your business with your innermost values and visions. Expect a blend of neuroscience, Human Design insights, and practical business advice to guide you through the sometimes murky waters of entrepreneurship.

Why focus on weekly tips, you ask? Because transformation is a journey, not a destination. It’s the small, consistent steps that lead to massive change. And because, let's face it, we could all use a weekly dose of magic to keep us inspired, motivated, and aligned with our deepest desires.

So, grab your favorite cup of something warm, find a cozy nook, and let’s dive into this week’s dose of Manifestation Magic. Together, we'll unlock the doors to a business and life that not only meets but exceeds your wildest dreams. Ready to make some magic happen?

Before You Dive In...

If you want to go deeper, listen to the Mindset Magic Mastery private podcast channel. Subscribe for only $9/month. It’s like having me personally coach YOU each week. ⤵️

Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic for the Week of June 3, 2024: Energetic Sales

This week in the newsletter, we're talking about sales! Get ready to transform your sales approach with insights on energetic sales. Not on the email VIP list? Join here.

  • Mindset Magic: Start your day by visualizing yourself confidently engaging with clients, attracting the right opportunities with positive energy. This sets a powerful foundation for your sales day, promoting clarity and focus. For deeper alignment, try the Infinite Awareness meditation.

  • Human Design Tip: Your Human Design can optimize your sales approach. Manifestors thrive when initiating strategies, while Generators excel with consistent follow-up. Learn more about leveraging your Human Design in sales in the Sales and Marketing by Design masterclass, available for only $47 when you register for the Sales Flow Masterclass.

  • Simplified Strategy: Use the prompts from ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media book to write a call-out engagement post that gets your ideal clients to comment so you can begin to qualify potential clients. Pro tip: You get high-quality and spot-on output from ChatGPT when you program it with your answers from the 7 Steps to a Profitable Business workbook.

  • Journal Prompt: Reflect on how your energy levels impact your sales interactions. Write about times you felt energized versus drained and how it affected your performance. This helps you identify patterns and make adjustments for better results.

  • Wealth Embodiment Exercise: Recall a recent moment of sales stress and visualize balancing your energy through movement. Anchor this with a deep breath and affirm, "I am aligned, confident, and attract success effortlessly." This exercise helps release stress and align your energy for success.

Manifestation Magic for the Week of June 10, 2024: Energetic Alignment Strategy

This week, we're taking a different approach to Manifestation Magic. Let me share something personal with you. A while back, I plunged into a deep sadness, almost depression, over my business. Every win was followed by a massive plunge, and I had enough. I was playing it safe, sticking to known paths and traditional strategies that felt comfortable. Sound familiar?

What turned it around for me was acknowledging that my biggest regret would be not knowing what could have been if I had taken the leap. I bet on myself and embraced a woo-woo business strategy that paid off big time! But first, the practical steps are what led me to uncover the Energetic Steps.

The Practical Steps:

  1. Hired a mindset coach with practical business skills. She spotted things that I couldn’t see for myself.

  2. Got super clear on my ideal client and how my coaching and products solved their problems or fulfilled their desires. As well as who my ideal client ISN’T.

  3. Mastered sales conversations, copywriting, and marketing through the lens of buyer’s psychology and NLP.

  4. Cleaned up, decluttered, and organized my business–offers, content, and the way I created content.

  5. Faced the facts! I looked at what was working and what wasn’t instead of feeling my way through decisions. 

The Energetic Steps:

  1. I had an honest talk with myself. Was I embodying their version of myself who achieved the dreams I had in my heart? (Sadly, the answer was a big fat no!)

  2. Next, I got curious. I explored what this version of me looked like, sounded like, acted like, and believed about herself.

  3. Then, I got my trusted ChatGPT buddy out to help me create an Energetic Alignment Strategy based on my goals and this version of myself.

  4. Every day I focused on that Energetic Alignment Strategy. I read it daily and used it to pull me out of a funk.

  5. I questioned negative self-talk whenever it came up and called B.S. on it then moved on.

Within nine months, this approach had completely transformed my business, leading to a 3,000% increase in revenue and enjoyment and playfulness in my business.

Now, I feel unstoppable. Each calculated risk I take builds my confidence and reaffirms my capabilities. I'm no longer just a business owner; I'm a courageous leader for women entrepreneurs.

Join me inside the Profitable CEO Accelerator to blend a practical business strategy with an energetic alignment strategy that is perfect for YOU!

Check out our products in the Aligned Business Woman Shop to enhance your business results without losing your sanity. ⤵️

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