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Are you a busy mompreneur looking to boost your social media without missing out on family time?



"ChatGPT Social Media Prompts" is designed specifically to streamline your social media strategy.



This essential workbook equips you with over 500 ready-to-use prompts and customizable templates that simplify content creation across key platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



Each prompt and template in this workbook is crafted to engage your audience effectively, enabling you to communicate your brand’s message with clarity and impact.




👋 Say goodbye to content creation stress and hello to a structured approach that enhances your online presence while aligning perfectly with your business goals.



Embrace the ease of maintaining an active, appealing social media profile that resonates with your followers.



With "ChatGPT Social Media Prompts," watch as your social media becomes a powerful tool in growing your business, all while you continue to thrive both as a professional and a parent.



Includes free access to step-by-step video walkthrough and other bonuses!


ChatGPT Social Media Prompts: 500 Content + Copy Prompts and Templates

  • ChatGPT Social Media Prompts is the perfect companion to the 7 Steps to Creating A Profitable Business workbook! Your answers from the 7 Steps workbook will ensure that you feed ChatGPT quality input to get aligned marketing output!

    No more choppy marketing message. Or worse--inconsistent content because you get stuck on what to post!

What People Are Saying:

Gaby Abrams, Success Coach

"This deck is amazing! Exactly what spiritual heart-centered entrepreneurs need for content prompts. It's a generator's fantasy because it's: What can I respond to?"

Rachael Weaver, Human Design Coach

"I love it! It gets me out of my head if I'm swirling on what I need to do. Totally (for) Gens and Mani Gens!

Nicole Proffitt, Event Planner

"Already today I have been so productive.12 weeks of content done just like that 🫰🏼"

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