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How to Use Intuitive Planning to Generate More Sales: Embracing Energetic Sales and Marketing

Updated: Jun 22

Vanessa Ann Miller on energetic sales

I remember when I used to cringe at the thought of sales. Just hearing the word made me picture a pushy, spammy salesperson bombarding people with unwanted pitches. It felt inauthentic and uncomfortable, so I shied away from it. My business suffered because I couldn't bring myself to sell effectively.

But then, something changed. I had an epiphany that turned my whole approach around: selling is serving. It’s not about pushing your agenda onto people; it's about genuinely helping them solve their problems. This shift in perspective transformed my business. By embracing intuitive planning and energetic sales, I simplified my approach and started seeing real results.

If you’re feeling stuck and not getting the sales results you want then overcomplicating and overthinking your sales and marketing strategies might be the problem.

Let’s dive into intuitive planning and energetic sales to simplify your approach and boost your sales effortlessly.

Embracing Energetic Sales and Marketing

1. Trust Your Gut

Your intuition is a powerful tool. It’s that inner voice that just knows what to do, even when logic doesn’t have the answers. When you trust your intuition in business, you make decisions that align with your true self and goals. This leads to more authentic and effective strategies.

  • Tip: Start with mindfulness and meditation to tap into your intuition. Write down your thoughts and feelings to clarify intuitive insights.

  • Awareness Journal Prompts:

  • When did I last trust my gut in a business decision? What happened?

  • Do I feel stressed or calm when making decisions?

  • What daily practices can help me connect more with my intuition?

2. Keep It Simple

Complex sales and marketing strategies can lead to burnout and confusion. Simplify your approach by focusing on what truly matters to your ideal client. Strip your strategies down to the basics and see how much easier and more effective things become.

  • Tip: Apply Occam’s Razor – the simplest solution is usually the best. Focus on the core elements that impact your clients the most.

  • Awareness Journal Prompts:

  • What parts of my sales and marketing feel overwhelming?

  • What are the essential elements that my clients care about?

  • How can I simplify my current processes to reduce stress?

3. Align with Your Client’s Needs

Your ideal client wants solutions that resonate emotionally and energetically. By understanding their needs and desires, you can create marketing messages and sales approaches that hit home.

  • Tip: Build detailed client personas and use surveys or social media to get to know your clients better. Align your marketing efforts with their biggest pain points and dreams.

  • Awareness Journal Prompts:

  • Who is my ideal client? What challenges and dreams do they have?

  • How can I better understand the emotional needs of my clients?

  • What feedback have clients given that can refine my approach?

4. Infuse Positive Energy

Energetic marketing is all about infusing your strategies with positive energy and intentions. This attracts your ideal clients like a magnet.

  • Tip: Practice gratitude and visualize your ideal clients loving your products or services. Your positive vibes will attract the right people.

  • Awareness Journal Prompts:

  • How do I feel about my current marketing efforts?

  • What positive affirmations can shift my energy towards optimism?

  • How can I incorporate gratitude into my daily business practices?

5. Break Free from Limiting Beliefs

Old, limiting beliefs can hold you back. Use techniques like NLP, EFT, and hypnosis to reprogram your mind and release these beliefs. During my Abundance Activation calls, I help clients rewrite their past to have a more empowering present and future.

  • Tip: Identify a limiting belief about sales or marketing. Use EFT tapping to release it and replace it with a positive affirmation.

  • Awareness Journal Prompts:

  • What negative thoughts do I have about my ability to succeed in sales and marketing?

  • How have these beliefs impacted my business outcomes?

  • What new, empowering beliefs do I want to adopt?

6. Plan Flexibly

Intuitive planning doesn’t mean no planning. Create a flexible framework that allows you to adjust based on intuition and feedback.

  • Tip: Develop a quarterly plan with clear goals but leave room for flexibility. Regularly review and adjust based on results and intuitive insights.

  • Awareness Journal Prompts:

  • Do I feel rigid or flexible in my planning approach?

  • How often do I review and adjust my plans?

  • What small changes can I make to be more adaptable?

7. Make Sales Human

Sales don’t have to be pushy. Use techniques that align with your energy and your client's needs. Build relationships, not just transactions. When I stopped selling and starting serving, not only did I connect with dreamy clients but sales just felt good. I knew what I had to offer would hugely transform my clients' lives and businesses.

  • Tip: Have authentic conversations. Listen actively. Focus on building trust and loyalty.

  • Awareness Journal Prompts:

  • How do I feel about the sales process: excited or anxious?

  • What techniques can build stronger connections with my clients?

  • How can I shift from making a sale to building a lasting relationship?

In Summary

Intuitive planning and energetic marketing can transform your business. Simplify your approach, align with your client’s needs, and break free from limiting beliefs. Stay flexible, infuse positive energy into your strategies, and make sales an enjoyable process. Trust your intuition, and watch your sales soar.

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