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Imagine 1 Year From Now:  Dream Clients Flowing In and Your Business Revenue Soaring!

The Profitable CEO Accelerator is a group coaching program for women entrepreneurs like YOU to streamline your business to have more cash and free time!

Are You Stuck in the Rut of "Almost There"?

Hey, go-getter! You're here because you've got big dreams but you're also stuck in the weeds, am I right?


😓 Your workdays are a whirlwind of tasks that leave you feeling like you've run a marathon... in quicksand.


😓 Revenue goals? More like a moving target you can't seem to hit.

😓 Marketing feels like shouting into a void.


😓 Sales?  Let's not even go there.


😓 And work-life balance? That's a myth you've only read about. 

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way, It Gets to Be Like This ⤵️

Vanessa Ann Miller

Check this out 👇

What if I told you that you're not alone and there’s an actual formula for rising out of this mess?


😍 Imagine a life where you wake up empowered, knowing exactly what you need to do to make your business not just survive, but THRIVE.


😍 Think of how it'd feel to finally say, "I've cracked the code. I'm a CEO in every sense of the word!"


No more late nights googling how to get more clients. No more panicking over unpaid bills. No more feeling like you're a hamster in a wheel.

If your heart is screaming yes to this☝🏼, then keep reading!

I once experienced what you are right now.


I felt like I had to learn all of the marketing trends, post everywhere all the time, cold DM strangers to sell my programs, and do face-to-video content even though it terrified me. (<-- Which I love now BTW!)

It got me burnt out and depressed because, despite all my efforts, no one was listening!

It was like the more I tried, the more I pushed away potential clients, which made me feel like I had to learn something new and go outside of myself for the answers. It was a vicious cycle. 🙃

So what gave?

I remember it like it was yesterday. I sat at my laptop crying into my hands praying that the sales funnel I was building would work. I tried so many things and I needed this one to work.

Then a small voice in my head said “Get up! Take a break and get some you time.”

After much rationalizing and resistance, I listened. And my life has never been the same.

Why? Because it was a wake-up call that I was on the wrong path. I allowed my brain to take a break which relaxed my nervous system to boost clarity, creativity, and productivity. I saw how I was forcing the wrong things in business.

I tapped into resources and answers that were with me all along. I just needed to take action!

That’s when the Balanced Workweek Framework for the Profitable CEO Accelerator was born!

It's Time to Rewrite Your Story

Why my method works...

The Logical Levels of Change

Inside The Profitable CEO Accelerator, you don’t simply improve your habits or just sharpen your entrepreneurial, sales, and marketing skills through actionable steps.


You expand your consciousness to think and perform at higher levels. You become more efficient and proficient in business so you collapse time!

You get results by taking action!!

  • Your creative juices will flow like the Amazon River.

  • You’ll feel safe and confident to express your most authentic self (which your audience will love!)

  • You’ll be crystal clear on the steps to take to reach your goals and avoid self-sabotage.

  • Your time will expand so that you’ll be able to complete your to-do list with ease.

  • You’ll experience inner peace and balance for a more fulfilled life

  • You’ll create a wildly successful and abundant life for financial stability and independence.

  • Your heart-driven business will make a positive impact across the world.

The Profitable CEO Accelerator is "Entrepreneurship 101 meets REAL LIFE application"!


Why join? 👇

Group Coaching That Turns You Into a Business Badass

We get it, no woman is an island. In our high-vibe group coaching sessions, you'll get actionable advice tailored to your business struggles.


Imagine a room (well, a Zoom call) full of like-minded women who have been *exactly* where you are and are motivated to lift each other up. Every strategy. Every hack. Shared freely.


And coached by me, Vanessa Ann Miller, to make sure you're not just hearing it, you're IMPLEMENTING it.

A Community That’s Got Your Back

The Profitable CEO Accelerator is not just a coaching program; it's a sisterhood.


Think of it as your business family that gives you honest feedback, celebrates your wins, and calls you out when you're slacking. It’s like having your personal cheering squad that keeps you motivated when the going gets tough.


Not to mention the endless possibilities for networking and collaborations!

Accountability to Keep You On Track

Let's be real, it’s easy to give yourself a pass when you're the boss.


But in the Profitable CEO Accelerator, we'll set clear goals and check-in weekly. Plus you get access to coworking cohorts to make taking action fun and feel like you're not doing it alone.


No excuses, no fluff. You'll be amazed at how much you can achieve when someone’s there to hold you accountable.

Personalized Support for Those Unique Challenges

Your business isn’t cookie-cutter, so why should your solutions be? I coach you based on your Human Design strengths and opportunities!


Alongside group coaching, you’ll kick off with a private 90-day strategy call to deep dive into your unique challenges. Tailored strategy. Customized plans. Specific to you.

Also, get instant access to...

Strategy + Content Vault

Always have something to post and automate your business for scalability.

This ever-growing vault contains swipes, graphics and trainings to help you sustain momentum each week in your business.

You get instant 24/7 access to resources that help you grow and manage your business.

What's Currently Inside the Content Vault:

  • the Content Tree: Content Organization Spreadsheet

  • Connecting in FB Threads: Script Workbook

  • Lead Magnet Templates: 97 Pages of Lead Magnet Templates and 1 Done-For-You Lead Magnet 

  • Content Copy Resources: Plug & Play Posts, 5 Day Challenge Email Swipe, Conversion Email Sequence, and Referral/Testimonial Email Sequence

  • Instagram Quote Card Templates: 31 Instagram Quote Card Templates

  • Instagram Infograph Templates: 31 Canva Templates

  • Instagram Stories Strategy + Templates: 31 Story Templates

Plus special live trainings from guest experts...

Quarterly Tech + Systems Training

with Emma Ferrick,

Operations and Systems Strategist

Manage your current projects efficiently! Learn how to plan for and map out new projects as they pop up.


Get a better understanding of how to use ClickUp for your CEO day, how to plan your resources, and how to filter ideas better. 

Emma get you to love tech!


Monthly Wellness Coaching

with Carelyn Torres

Healthy Lifestyle Engineer

Exhaustion, overwhelm and stress affect your path to success in business. Which is why once a month we will discuss different wellness topics such as restful sleep, nourishing nutrition, cycle syncing, among others.


You are the biggest asset in your business so taking care of you is one of the best investments you can do.

Coffee with Friends

This is where the magic happens – we're not just a program, we're a sisterhood.

Ready to belong to a community of fierce, kindred spirits who speak your language?

Share victories, swap war stories, and boost each other up like the powerhouse squad you deserve!

Belong to the community of other women entrepreneurs who experienced these results:

Imagine where you’d be a year from now after following what you learn and create during the Profitable CEO Accelerator!
What is possible for you when you increase your income and exceed your money goals?
Business can feel natural and authentic!
Plus you'll be in caring hands throughout the way!
Are you ready to never have to worry where your next client will come from?
Gigi Gomez

Let's recap what you get each month:

Monthly CEO Power Planning

✅ Pinpoint any and all blind spots in your business that are causing time, money and energy leaks. 

✅ Create a prioritizing strategy that keeps you laser focused on your goals so you achieve them with greater ease and flow.

✅ Leave with a simple content strategy that you can repurpose for multiple platforms then rinse and repeat each month.

✅ ROI: Tangible improvements and actionable takeaways offer real return on investment.

Monthly Group Coaching

✅ Real-Time Feedback: Get instant, constructive critiques tailored to your specific challenges.

✅ Personalized Guidance: We directly address your individual needs, providing targeted advice.

✅ Accountability: Being in the hot seat keeps you accountable, pushing you towards action and results.

✅ Cut Through the B.S.: It's a no-fluff zone. Pinpoint your hurdles and jump right over 'em.

Monthly Mindset Makeover Coaching

✅ Kick Stress to the Curb: Say goodbye to being an anxious, frazzled mess. With EFT tapping and meditation, you’ll get your zen on and handle business like a boss.

✅ Unlock Your Inner Badass: Get rid of those self-doubts and "I can't" thoughts with subconscious reprogramming.

✅ Get Stuff Done, No Excuses: Once your mindset's right, watch your productivity soar. You'll be slaying goals left and right, no procrastination in sight.

Weekly* Coworking Cohorts

✅ Feel confident that you will stay on track because you don't have to do business alone! 

✅ Get More Done, Less FOMO: Being in a workspace gets you in the zone. You'll be ticking off those to-dos in no time, without feeling like you're missing out on anything fun.

✅ Stay Accountable: It's harder to slack off when you're surrounded by people who are crushing it. Their drive can boost your own productivity, big time!!

Strengthen your CEO skills and take action as a member of this community!

​Get access to:

  • The exact framework to audit and plan for business growth so that you efficiently increase your cash flow without burnout

  • The most important questions every entrepreneur needs to ask themselves to streamline business activities with clarity and ease

  • The 3 areas of business to organize and take action on to make sure you’re consistently making money in less time

  • The self-care rituals you need to build a thriving business that is fun to sustain without the guilt

  • What you absolutely need to focus on and why with workbooks to guide you

Vanessa Ann Miller

What more female entrepreneurs like YOU are saying:

Nancy Culp

Nancy of Reveal Ultrasound

Vanessa has helped me grow my business beyond comprehension! I've had remarkable, sustainable growth every month following her methods.


Current accounting shows 500% more income from the last 2 years. She knows her stuff!

Shelley Peterson

Shelley of VooDoo Gypsy Beach

I was really sick of my day job and wanted to see if I could make my Etsy shop more of a full-time thing.


Now I have a lot more clarity about my business. I thought I was keeping up with my costs, but when it came down to it, I was leaving out a lot of expenses. She helped me figure out exactly what my costs per unit were, and I was able to adjust prices and discounts to work more in my favor.


I guarantee you'll learn at least one thing about yourself you didn't know before!

Christian Graffagnino

Christian of Infinite Image Consulting

I was feeling on track about my business and growth from last year, but know that there is so much more in store for what this business is capable of. After our first session, I'm feeling excited and motivated, and ready to take on this next 90 days. Her energy and excitement about growing others businesses had me very interested in working with her.


Vanessa has such a great way of communicating and making you feel important. She wants each of her clients to feel heard, and truly happy with their time together. I absolutely love the action steps and goal setting techniques she uses.

Case Study: 2x Sales in 90 Days with Shelley Peterson

Shelley Peterson is the founder and creative genius behind Voodoo Gypsy Beach Earrings, an online jewelry shop specializing in unique, hand-crafted earrings made with resin pieces, glitter, and other materials. Though she had been making jewelry for most of her life, her business had primarily been a hobby until recent years. Shelley was struggling to make her side hustle into a full-time job, despite having a strong talent for creating beautiful, eye-catching jewelry.

Before joining the Profitable CEO Accelerator, Shelley faced a number of challenges:


◀️ Inconsistent Sales: Her sales fluctuated seasonally, with high sales around holidays but lulls at other times.

◀️ Lack of Business Strategy: Although creative and talented, Shelley lacked an organized approach to scaling her business.

◀️ Undefined Expenses: She didn’t track the costs associated with producing her earrings so her profit margins weren’t as high as they could have been.

◀️ Marketing and Engagement: There was a lack of a systematic approach to marketing, especially in the digital space.


But all that changed when she joined The Profitable CEO Accelerator!

The benefits of the resources and guidance inside the Profitable Accelerator:


✅ Costing and Financial Planning: The money tracker and other financial trackers provided in the program helped Shelley understand the real costs of making her earrings.

✅ Strategic Product Launches: Shelley started building anticipation for new products instead of simply posting them as they were ready. She also initiated pre-sales and flash sales which built hype and boosted revenue.

✅ Email Marketing: With Vanessa’s help, Shelley set up an email marketing strategy that grew her customer base without overwhelming them. Now she can bypass social media algorithms to connect directly with her potential and existing customers.

✅ Time Management: Shelley developed a system for posting content on her Facebook group, scheduling posts up to six weeks in advance so that she stays consistent without being tied to her phone.

✅ Affiliate Program: She launched an affiliate program and took a more strategic approach in launching her different earring lines. This increased brand awareness through user-generated content while leveraging the time and audience of her affiliates.


Her Results:


1. Getting Clear on Cashflow: Shelley began to understand her costs more clearly, leading her to make more financially sound decisions.

2. Consistency in Engagement: By scheduling posts in advance, she maintained consistent engagement on her Facebook group. The group is a fun place to hang out and is growing rapidly.

3. Increased Sales: Special promotions, flash sales, and email marketing increased her sales volume, allowing her to capitalize on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effectively.


What Shelley says about the Profitable CEO Accelerator:


Despite losing her full-time job, she said, "I was able to focus all my energy on my business. I’ve gotten better at being consistent, my sales have more than doubled, and my email list is growing every day."


How long is the program? 


 It's a 6-month journey, with monthly and weekly calls to guide you. Because, hey, success takes time!

 Is this for seasoned entrepreneurs only?


Nope! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our principles work like magic at any level.


 Will this guarantee results?


While we stand by our methods, your success depends on your actions. But trust us, we've got the tools to help you soar.


Have more questions? Send an email to

Vanessa Ann Miller
Vanessa Ann Miller

Meet Your Guide to Success: Vanessa Ann Miller

Hey there, I'm Vanessa – your business and money strategist.


My mission? To help you create a business that's as unique as you are. No more cookie-cutter strategies; it's all about embracing your authenticity and magnetizing clients who can't wait to work with you.

When I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business from Baylor University, I thought I was going to be set and easily know how to build a thriving business in the "real world". Boy, was I wrong!

Growing a thriving, profitable business takes leadership and entrepreneurial skills that you can only learn when taking action after setting a solid business foundation.

Ready to join the ranks of women who've claimed their profits, rewritten their stories, and tapped into their inner CEOs by taking action?


Welcome to the Profitable CEO Accelerator. It's time to make those dreams your reality!


Ready to embark on a journey of transformation?

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