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Think Like a CEO, Receive Like a Goddess.

Increase your productivity and profitability while living the life you love!


Simplify your business strategy + harness your talents to achieve your goals

Position yourself and your business so your DMs are flooding with dreamy clients asking how they can work with you.

What if you were making enough money to take that 2-week exotic beach vacation and pay a virtual assistant to handle business while you’re away? 

Or what if you can trust that you'll have consistent revenue each month to invest in team members?


And paying off the mortgage sooner or funding your kids' college is actually possible!

Let’s make this a reality!

Create a business that lights up you AND your bank account!


Imagine slaying your workweek like a powerhouse CEO


You wake up and take care of YOU first without feeling pressured to check your phone or get straight to work.


You create offers that expand you mentally, spiritually and financially so much that people are eager to pay you top dollar.


You trust that your marketing messaging will land for clients that pay in full, do the work and refer all their biz besties to you.


You’re impeccably decisive and intentional with your business strategy allowing you to have consistent cash months yet enjoy frequent spa days.

Did I mention you have a 4 day workweek?

If your heart is screaming yes to this☝🏼, then join the Profitable CEO Accelerator!


Your daily home life isn't like everyone else's and neither should your business model be!


If you've been following someone else's proven strategy to scale and honestly feel like you rather walk across a living room floor of Legos to reach your next client, then it's time to shift into a business model that aligns with the lifestyle you DREAM of while navigating your current responsibilities.


The Profitable CEO Accelerator is for you if you're that woman entrepreneur ready to live her best life with an organized business and sales + marketing structure created around YOUR skills and YOUR energy that gets tangible results...

with a supportive community of likeminded women.


You CAN have it all…ease, profits and happiness!

Each month, you will leave with a simple, step-by-step business action plan to reach your income goal with ease plus have support throughout the month!




Mindset Makeover Group Coaching

Your inner dialogue has a HUGE impact on your actions which influences your results.

The Mindset Makeover group coaching call will provide you with the tools and resources to manage stress we encounter as women entrepreneurs.


The nervous system regulation practices you’ll learn are activities you can do when you're having a bad day or feel unmotivated to get back on track and feeling like you can do anything!

Weekly* Coworking Cohorts

Studies show that group support boosts your productivity and spirits!

Stay in the energy and take action on your monthly plan during the weekly coworking sessions. These sessions are great for your productivity and to network with fellow members.


We'll listen to solfeggio frequencies to get you zoned in and focused to knock out your to-do list!

Taking intentional, aligned action will get the results you crave!

Monthly CEO Power Planning

Learn my powerful CEO planning process to measure progress and effectively plan your business activities.

We'll reflect on the past 30 days, analyzing what work, what didn't and tweak your plan for the upcoming 30 days.

The trackers and other tools provided will give you clarity for savvy money moves!


Leave each call with a simple action plan that is your roadmap so that you stay on track with your goals!

Monthly Hot Seat + Group Q&A

This is a hands-on, catered-to-you group coaching program! 

With each level you reach, new obstacles will emerge. 

Get feedback on your 30-day plan, offers, content, copy, automation systems or anything that will help you make more revenue. 

During these mini business audits, my eyes are your business. I'll spot business leaks and opportunities for efficient growth.

Feel safe knowing that this program grows with you.


Group Call Calendar + Suggested Balanced Workweek Framework.jpg


Strategy + Content Vault

Always have something to post and automate your business for scalability.

This ever-growing vault contains swipes, graphics and trainings to help you sustain momentum each week in your business.

You get instant 24/7 access to resources that help you grow and manage your business.

What's Currently Inside the Content Vault:

  • the Content Tree: Content Organization Spreadsheet

  • Connecting in FB Threads: Script Workbook

  • Lead Magnet Templates: 97 Pages of Lead Magnet Templates and 1 Done-For-You Lead Magnet 

  • Content Copy Resources: Plug & Play Posts, 5 Day Challenge Email Swipe, Conversion Email Sequence, and Referral/Testimonial Email Sequence

  • Instagram Quote Card Templates: 31 Instagram Quote Card Templates

  • Instagram Infograph Templates: 31 Canva Templates

  • Instagram Stories Strategy + Templates: 31 Story Templates


How to Manage Yourself like a CEO!

with Emma Ferrick,

Operations and Systems Strategist

Manage your current projects efficiently! Learn how to plan for and map out new projects as they pop up.


Get a better understanding of how to use ClickUp for your CEO day, how to plan your resources, and how to filter ideas better. 


 Reclaim Your

with Carelyn Torres

Lifestyle Engineer

Reclaim your vibrancy! This training will guide you to implement simple wellness routines that will support you to release the overwhelm and increase your focus and energy.

Perfect to keep your energy up during your content creation days.

Coffee with Friends

Plus, access to an exclusive Facebook group where you’ll get special feedback and support!


Imagine where you’d be a year from now after following what you learn and create during the Profitable CEO Accelerator!
What is possible for you when you increase your income and exceed your money goals?
Business can feel natural and authentic!
Plus you'll be in caring hands throughout the way!
Are you ready to never have to worry where your next client will come from?


Copy of The CEO Lab Workbook (Jan 2023).png

Inside The Profitable CEO Accelerator, you don’t simply improve your habits or just sharpen your entrepreneurial, sales, and marketing skills. You expand your consciousness to think and perform at higher levels. You become more efficient and proficient in business so you collapse time!

  • Your creative juices will flow like the Amazon River.

  • You’ll feel safe and confident to express your most authentic self (which your audience will love!)

  • You’ll be crystal clear on the steps to take to reach your goals and avoid self-sabotage.

  • Your time will expand so that you’ll be able to complete your to-do list with ease.

  • You’ll experience inner peace and balance for a more fulfilled life

  • You’ll create a wildly successful and abundant life for financial stability and independence.

  • Your heart-driven business will make a positive impact across the world.

Strengthen your CEO skills and learn...

  • The exact framework to audit and plan for business growth so that you efficiently increase your cash flow without burn out

  • The most important questions every entrepreneur needs to ask themselves to streamline business activities with clarity and ease

  • The 3 areas of business to organize and take action on to make sure you’re consistently making money in less time

  • The Goddess rituals you need to build a thriving business that is fun to sustain without the guilt

  • What you absolutely need to focus on and why with workbooks to guide you



How long is the program? 


This is a 12-month group program. There are monthly and weekly calls with the 2nd week of the month off for Implementation week. See current call schedule below.

Is the material for women who are further along in business? 


The principles I teach in this course apply to women at all different levels whether you’re a beginner or advanced. These tools can support you no matter what income level you’re receiving and are designed to help you reach your next level. 


Will this course guarantee specific results?


No. While I practice and stand by everything I teach in this course, you are fully responsible for the results and actions you take based on the material and coaching calls.


Have more questions? Send an email to

Who is the woman leading this group program?

Hey you, I’m Vanessa!

Tap into your higher mind for a strategy that's your own unique process

I’m a business and money strategist that has a burning passion for helping women create a business strategy that allows them to succeed in their way. 

I’m here to guide you through designing the business of your dreams. And the best part? This business is going to embrace you authentically. Once you’re doing business your way, like-minded people who actually want to do business with you will gravitate to you. That means a steady flow of eager buyers, which means more revenue, which helps your business flourish. 


You have it in you to succeed, I just help you get there quicker. 


My approach has helped women just like you earn consistent $10K+ months by creating a marketing strategy without the stress and ick of cold prospecting. 


Ready to ditch the cookie-cutter ways of online marketing and craft a marketing message that aligns with your values, energy, and goals?  


You’ve come to the perfect place. 

When I’m not helping my clients succeed, you can catch me spending quality time with my family, sipping on some wine (chardonnay is my favorite), cooking, watching my favorite Netflix shows, and indulging myself in creating content. ​


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Start celebrating consistent 5-figure months because you took intentional action!

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