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Are You Struggling to Hit $10k Months in Your Business? TRY THIS!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023


You feel like you’re already doing everything you’re “supposed” to be doing to hit your income goal - but it’s just not happening. You’ve clarified your offer, who your audience is, and your sales “pitch” and it’s just not converting to sales.

Let’s just say I’ve been there, and done that- it’s not fun. Like, at all. When you work hard to set your goals and you take action to achieve your goals and you’re still not seeing results, it can be a huge hit to your confidence as a business owner.

But it’s not you - it’s your business. More specifically, it’s your business “leaks” keeping you from hitting your income goal.

The Top Business Leaks That Are Keeping You From Hitting Your Income Goal

Business leaks are areas of your business that you’re “leaking” from. The amount of effort is simply not lining up with your results - because you’re missing out on a significant step. You’re leaking time, energy, effort, and more attempting to hit your goals and it’s just NOT working out.

Here are the three main business leaks that are keeping you from hitting your goals and scaling your business:

Your Offer is an Energy Leak

While it’s super important to understand the potential of your offer for your clients and audience, it’s just as important to do a gut check to understand the energy behind your offer. Are you excited to market your offer? Are you excited to talk about it? If you’re not excited about your offer - your audience won’t be excited about your offer.

So, what happens when your audience isn’t excited to buy? Well, depending on how long they’ve been in your audience, they may actually bounce.

They assume that you don’t solve the pain point they want to fix. If you’re noticing a bad reaction, use this to adapt your offer. Accept the feedback and tweak your offer or marketing message surrounding your offer. You can even go so far as to have direct conversations with audience members.

How to Start Making Six-Figures in Your Business

As a newbie business owner, you might not have a validated offer.

If that’s the case, it’s time to get super clear on the problems you’re able to help a specific type of person solve and how delivering that transformation fits into the lifestyle you wish to live - and teach.

Your Marketing is a Time, Money, and/or Energy Leak

Overall, there are three mistakes I see coaches, consultants, and course creators make when it comes to their marketing:

  1. You spend too much time trying to learn how to make the perfect content, but you’re too inconsistent to see the results.

  2. You’re hiding behind their content and never have the sales conversations to get the conversion.

  3. You don’t have a clear marketing strategy or message which can confuse your audience (and yourself).

Every single one of those things can drain you of your time, money, and energy. They lead to missed opportunities to sign clients, spending market dollars without a clear plan, and simply exhausting and discouraging you. You end up with a bundle of stress and doubt that affects your decision-making.

Before you go any further, it’s very likely that you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with all this information being thrown at you. While you’re in the midst of identifying your business leaks (and what you need to do to stop them), try checking out ourInfinite Awareness Meditation. It’ll help you quiet your mind and start seeing the clear path to success.

You Don’t Have a Conversion Strategy

The next business leak that is holding you back from hitting your income goal is your conversion strategy. Now, you might have a conversion strategy in place and it’s not working or your conversion strategy is non-existent. Both lead to some major time and energy leaks in your business.

Leaks are never intentional - leaks in your conversion strategy can be due to unclear or poorly structured marketing, technical errors, and/or inconsistency in asking for the sale. Some of which are completely unexpected and even unpreventable for you.

"Making 6-figures in a business doesn't start with marketing, sales, or prospecting." - Vanessa Ann Miller

How do you prevent leaks in your conversion strategy? Do a funnel audit. Make sure your tech is working, and then if you’re still not making sales or getting leads, revisit your offer and marketing message. Make sure you’re clear on what your offer is, the problem it solves, and who your offer is for - you’ll be able to clearly market your offer and have a strong conversion strategy to lean on.

You’ve Done Your Gut Check and You Have Eager Buyers, Now What?

You’ve done what it takes to get rid of the leaks in your business, or at least identify them so you CAN get rid of them - now what? It’s time to create your sales action plan!

Creating a sales action plan is all about creating and establishing achievable goals, holding yourself accountable, and taking action that leads to the accomplishment of said goals (like your income goals). You also want to create an enjoyable prospecting strategy that will help you make more sales each month - and maintain your monthly income.

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