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How Constant Content Creation is Killing Your Cash Strategy

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Did you know that I publish my podcast episodes anywhere from 2 weeks to a whole month after I actually record (and edit) them? That's how I keep up with my content. Ultimately, I wanted to keep the summer easy and spend more time with my kids - it just happened to come out in a way that created an efficient content strategy that’s encouraging conversations and keeping my business running smoothly - without the daily micro-management.

How Does Content Creation Influence Conversations and Cash Strategy?

You’re probably familiar with my CEO days already - if not, I highly recommend getting acquainted with the idea of embracing these “characters” in your business.. It’s how I was able to plan my content ahead of time in the first place. But, CEO days are the days I spend planning my content. I build out the content strategy I implement each month. This includes:

  • Reviewing the analytics of each marketing platform I use to see what's working and what's not creating buzz

  • Analyzing what old content can be repurposed into new content and offers

  • Strategically choosing what offers to focus on

  • Developing a content plan across my platforms - Youtube, The Aligned Business Women (Podcast), Instagram, Blog, etc.

I make sure that all my content relates to my offers and connects to each other - this typically means that if I have any time sensitive offers, like The Profitable CEO Accelerator, I schedule their launch out in advance and promote it in the related content. This prevents me from creating offer after offer without seeing if they'll actually. (Hello shiny object and impostor syndrome! 🙃) The whole point is to stop overthinking, to stop overanalyzing, to stop creating content that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and to stop creating offers that don’t sell. You want to create and promote strategically so that you can increase your conversations and build up your cash flow - like every other aspiring woman entrepreneur.

What Does Content Creation Have to Do With Conversations?

It’s cool to market your offers, but how often do you actually TALK about your offers directly with potential clients? This is where content creation and conversations merge.

As you’re creating content, you’re creating a funnel that leads potential clients to your offer. But, darling, we need to actually TALK about these offers instead of posting and ghosting. We hop on the hamster wheel of busy work and neglect talking about our programs and how they help our clients. Instead of focusing on the now, we’re trying to push out more content or create the next offer.

Because we’re doing all this work, we feel like we’re taking the necessary steps to make money - in reality, it’s the complete opposite.

And, because you’re not making money, this leads to feeling frustrated, bitter, unsuccessful, and just dealing with the extra dose of self-doubt. When we feel “not good enough” we tend to overwork to prove ourselves and overworking quickly leads to burnout.

How Do I Create Content That Generates Cash and Encourages Conversation?

Create and plan content that aligns with your offer for that month, you can repurpose, and is sustainable for marketing. What this means is basically that you need to have a goal when you plan and create your content.

The less time you’re spending on content creation, the more time you can spend having conversations and increasing your visibility.

I mean, let’s be honest, how many infographics have you created for Instagram or DIY photoshoots have you done that you never end up posting? It’s a vicious cycle. You don’t want that anymore.

Let’s break the cycle in The Profitable CEO Accelerator! I’m sharing my unique content creation process that you can easily knock out in TWO DAYS for the entire month, then schedule it out so your content is working for YOU. You will create more time, money and energy after using the strategies I teach in the quanTIME leap experience!

Ready? You can sign up here!

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