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Activate Your Goddess to Empower Your CEO

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Did you ever watch the movie Mrs. Doubtfire?

I loved Robin Williams! His many voices, facial expressions and characters in this movie remind me that as a person with an open throat and G center that its ok to be multifaceted.

We have many "characters" that are appropriate for certain parts of our lives.

When I first started my business, there was a struggle to get all the things done. It felt impossible to scale my business, be a present mom and wife while still having time for myself.

I tried block scheduling which has helped me so much! But something was missing.

I failed to change "characters" from task to task.

In business, we need to oscillate with grace between 3 hats: the Goddess, the CEO and the Doer.

The Goddess Day:

When I wear the Goddess hat, I do things that make me feel good. I am the wealthy woman I am becoming. I take care of my mind, body and soul. Doing this helps manage my state and rejuvenates me for the times I need to wear my CEO or Doer hat.

Once I started implementing Goddess Days to manage my state, life felt more fulfilled.

(Men can have their own version of this day. And they should!)

The CEO Day:

My CEO Days are when I'm planning my business and life. I plan programs, launches, content, family vacations, and other routines. I even plan to plan!

This has helped with my sleep so much because I'm not tossing and turning with my to-do list flooding my thoughts.

Doer Days:

Doer Days are so much fun! This is when I put on the headphones and get to work on the plan I created during my CEO day.

These are the days that I write the blog posts, record the podcasts, create the content, and do all the behind the scenes of my business. If something needs to be done, then I do it on a Doer Day.

As a Generator, these days bring me so much satisfaction. When my head hits the pillow those nights, I feel complete.

Doer Days usually fill the space in between Goddess and CEO Days.

Bust out your calendar and choose a day for your Goddess and CEO Days, if you don't already do them now. You'll work your way up to having these days once a week.

Every Monday, I send an email with a tip, trick or hack for one of these days that helps you scale your business with flow and ease.

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