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What You Must Know About Creating Change

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

All learnings and behavioral change take place at an unconscious level therefore must bypass the critical faculty. Which makes sense because your unconscious mind is responsible for 95% of brain activity.

If you're new to NLP (neurolinguistic programming) I like to think of the critical faculty as the gatekeep or the dragon in the movie Shrek. (Learn more about the Shrek analogy here.)

The critical faulty filters which information can get to the unconscious mind. The filters are created before the age of 7 so are deeply rooted with our beliefs. These beliefs are what form our comfort zone.

It's in our comfort zone that we hide from change.

How do we create positive change?

Before I go through the 3 ways to create change, I want you to read this blog post twice. First, with the intention to learn how to create change for yourself. Secondly, to learn what goes on for your prospects when they are deciding to buy from you.

Whether you sell a low ticket offer or high ticket offer, your client will experience some kind of change with your offer. If you want repeat buyers and referrals, you must understand the change process your client goes through to get results.

The 3 Powerful Ways to Create Positive Change:

Repetition: the 1% compound effect works wonders when you can repeat positive behaviors in a positive state and get desirable outcomes. A positive state would be a good mood or feel-good feelings that light you up and activate excitement within your body.

Intensity: Creating intense emotions can happen in 3 different ways.

  1. Amplified states- When you're experiencing powerful emotions that tend to be more intense that other times you've experienced that emotion.

  2. Significant emotional event- A sudden emotional event that shocks your neurology to shift your perspective. It sparks you to create a new belief about an event or situation. For example, someone who experiences a near death situation during a motorcycle ride may change their beliefs about motorcycles.

  3. Strengthening of memories- Ever feel nostalgic? Have you ever daydreamed about a happy time in your past and the memory was so vivid that you felt like you relived that time? In NLP, we use techniques to help people activate a time when they felt a way they want to feel again that will spark action or motivation.

Imagination: Activating your imagination puts the critical faulty to sleep. It's like the critical faulty is a guard watching surveillance cameras in this instance. The critical faulty is like..."oh that's simply her dreaming so I don't need to filter anything out."

Using the following ways to activate your imagination work wonders when creating positive change.

  1. Visualization is powerful especially when you couple it with repetition. Envision yourself having a stellar sales call and practice sales conversations even if its with a friend.

  2. Meditation relaxes your mind and nervous system. When you awake from a meditative state, you have more clarity on the steps required for change or to get a desired outcome.

  3. Hypnosis helps with creating new neurology to support change. You literally rewire your brain to support you in taking actions that solidifies your new behaviors.

Ready to create your better business habits?

If you're looking to change your habits around business activities that you know will scale your business, create a behavioral change routine using these 3 methods. You'll also want to give yourself several weeks to follow this routine to really solidify the change.

Join me for The Profitable CEO Accelerator to transform the way you sell and market your offers. You will be more intentional which will create more ease and joy in your business.

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