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The 3 Mindset Blocks to Release

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Are you implementing all the strategies that you're learning from your plethora of courses but still not getting the results you want?

Sometimes women entrepreneurs think that something is wrong with them for not getting the same successful results as their peers but that is TOTALLY false.

Identifying what is keeping you stuck is the first step to making progress. You may be suffering from one of these energy suckers but they are only temporary.

The Broke Girl Energy: You know you're in Broke Girl Energy when you're stuck in a scarcity mindset even though you have blessings all around. You sabotage yourself by procrastinating which later leads to hustle that causes burn out.

Likely in this energy, your priorities are out of alignment. You're not prioritizing things that are going to be relevant for your business. So instead of being in the wealthy, abundant mindset of "I have plenty of time, I have plenty of money to do the things that I need to do in my life in business", you're in the reverse.

You're stuck in this mindset of not having the time, money or resources. The Broke Girl Energy is going to affect your business because you're going to either procrastinate on doing the money-making activities that are required for you to have a successful business. Or you're going to have self sabotaging behaviors like overloading your plate undesirable obligations instead of doing the things that need to be done for you to have a profitable business.

The Know-it-All Energy: When you try to learn, do and be everything for everyone which leaves you feeling resentful and not moving forward, you're in the Know-It-All Energy. You're stuck on a hamster wheel of no results.

When you're in this energy, you're like: "I don't need to join that mastermind. I don't need to hire that VA or coach. I know how to do it all myself." You don't want any help.

You are resistant to anything that is truly going to allow someone else to help you shine because you're threatened by the fact that they might outshine you.

Women in this energy often feel lonely and like they don't belong only because they isolate themselves or have no time to connect with others.

When you're in the Know-It-All Energy, you want to control all of the things all at once, and it's simply impossible.

The It's Never Gonna Happen Energy: In this energy, you base your future success on the past experiences instead of the quality of your present growth and evolution. Those in this energy literally don't try because they're telling themselves: "What is the likelihood of me achieving this outcome?" They are stuck in logical thinking instead of feeling into their mind, body and soul.

They don't take any action at all. In fact, just setting a goal is excitement enough for them but they don't actually follow through. It's like they get their high from setting a goal then everything fizzles out or they become fearful to take action.

So what's a person to do? Stop, drop and roll!

I have good news, you can get out of these energies in any moment, when you follow my stop drop and roll method.

  • Stop: The first thing that you want to do is stop to realize where you feel this energy in your body and what has triggered it. You want to take inventory of your surroundings and the actions leading up to you getting into this energy. Make a plan to get out of it or to stop it before it even starts again.

  • Drop: Next, you'll want to drop all negative emotions and limiting beliefs to create space for aligned thinking and actions. Part of the work I do with my 1:1 clients in breakthrough sessions is release these negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Oftentimes, there are hidden blocks that go so far back in our subconscious mind that we don't realize what is actually holding us back

  • Roll: Go forward and keep going. Give yourself grace, love and acceptance by forgiving yourself for getting stuck. It's just a sign that you've hit your next level to expand into.

Do you identify with any of these energies?

In March 2022, I have a masterclass called Radiant Rapport that's going to show you how to use intentional and masterful communication with your prospects to sell more frequently and easily.

To prepare for the Radiant Rapport masterclass, you're invited to book one of my Marketing Block Breakthrough Intensives to kick things off and fill your prospect list. So when you join the masterclass, you'll have a pipeline of prospects that you can connect with and use the strategies that you'll learn. Book your call here.

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