How to close the sale every time

Updated: 2 days ago

No one likes to convince anyone to buy their product or service. It just feels icky so you might as well not try, right? Because who wants to feel awkward or uncomfortable?

What if I told you that there are 3 simple questions you can ask that will coach your prospect to a “yes”?

No convincing, no arm twisting, no dog and pony show.

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Why Prospect Say No

The old saying “no one likes to be sold to but everyone likes to buy” is a great reminder that if you have someone’s undivided attention then they’re interested in what you have to offer. So it’s your responsibility to hold that attention and make them feel safe, empowered and confident about choosing to buy from you.

No one likes to be sold to but everyone likes to buy!

What I’ve found makes prospects say “I’ll think about it” or “Follow up with me in a week” is:

  • Their mind has a million things running through it at once and your chatter trying to convince them is overwhelming to them.

  • This overwhelm leads to uncertainty and indecisiveness.

  • You unconsciously exude nervous, stressed energy hoping for a yes that it repels them.

Everyone wants to learn how to make sales without being pushy but the mere fact that they’re focused on not being pushy, they end up being pushy. (Hint: Your subconscious mind doesn’t understand negatives so basically glosses over the word “not” when you say “not being pushy.”)

If you want to increase your conversion rate, start by auditing the language of your thoughts and beliefs.

Strategies to increase sales

There is some “pre-work” that coaches, consultants and service providers forget to do to increase their sales.

  • Calm your nerves with a Sales Confidence Activation meditation before you start your call.

  • Get into “up time”. This means activate your full focus and awareness to zone in on all the cues your prospect is showing in their body language. You can do this easily using the Hakalau Meditation.

  • Script your 3 awareness questions that will guide them to a “yes”. Those questions uncover their current disempowered state, what needs to be in place to shift out of it and how they will feel after.

When you increase your awareness on what’s going on mentally for your prospect, then you can increase sales efficiency which leads to more sales and confidence.

What increases sales is your warmth and competence. The rapport you build with your prospects builds trust so they open up to you. This can happen on a sales call or even a social media post when structured properly.