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Learning How to Build Your MLM Business By Using Free Resources

Marley and Molly were both given $1 to buy bread at the market so their moms could make each of them their favorite meal. They were told that they could keep any change they saved from shopping wisely.

Marley wanted to have the best meal ever so planned on getting the freshest bread.

Molly was excited for her favorite meal but really wanted to keep any savings she could.

On the way to the market, Molly found breadcrumbs. She gathered them one by one as she noticed they were from a fresh batch falling from the baker's lot on the way to the market. She excitedly gathered a bunch and thought "surely this is good enough for our meal!" Molly never made it to the market because she thought she had enough and wanted to save her $1.

While at the market, Marley was able to get a fresh loaf because she arrived early. The baker was running a special that gave Marley a discount plus a recipe to make her own bread at home. Marley left with a .50 cents savings and a recipe that could make 4 loaves for only $1 worth of ingredients.

When Molly made it home, she proudly brought her mom the breadcrumbs in a sack. Unfortunately, Molly didn't realize that the recipe called for slices of bread and there was no way to put the breadcrumbs together to get the meal they wanted. Molly then had to spend time going back to the market to buy a loaf.

When she got back to the market, the bread supply was low so the baker charged a premium. Molly paid $1 for the same loaf that Marley got at a discount plus a recipe card.

Moral of the story: While it may be exciting to download freebies people have to offer, you actually save time and money by just investing in the full program. Piecing together information takes time, trial & error and sometimes even a higher price to pay.

When to take advantage of freebies:

1. You've been following an expert and want to get a feel for what it would be like to work with them in one of their paid programs.

2. You're unsure if the topic is something you want to dive deep into and want to get some basic knowledge of it.

If you know that you want to work with a specific expert or learn more about a certain topic, then buy the program because essentially you're buying the shortcut.

In the event that you're finding that you become addicted to collecting freebies, you may want to assess if you're struggling with self worth or imposter's syndrome that's holding you back from taking action. Often times, people trick themselves into thinking that they're doing things to grow their business when in fact they're delaying their start process by being in the perpetual learning mode.

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