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How to succeed in network marketing in 2022

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The million dollar question in the network marketing industry is "What are the secrets to network marketing?"

You likely wonder how to be successful in your MLM business and it's a good thing to wonder. Because when you're curious, you're more open to innovative ways to build an MLM business.

Network marketing success in 2021 is completely different from decades before. The icky strategies of hitting up friends and family or cold DMing strangers no longer work. Consumers are smarter these days and want connection.

So what does it take to build a network marketing business? Let's talk about making you a network marketing pro.👇

Not very many people realize this but network marketing top earners diversify their business with multiple streams of income. They create a personal brand strategy that allows them to have many offers that are congruent. They don't put their eggs in one basket or pigeon hole themselves into only have one source of income.

Many network marketers learn MLM strategies that have been passed down over the decades when consumer behavior was completely different. Now, when network marketers use these methods it zaps their confidence because it doesn't get them the results that they want.

When network marketers create a business that allows them to excel in their expertise and passions with personal branding, they become magnetic and have a easier time scaling their business.

As a personal brand coach for network marketers, I work with you to align a sales and marketing plan that highlights your expertise, is fueled by your passion, guided by your Human Design and infuses neuro linguistic programming to maximize your influence.

Each component of the strategy I teach are intrinsic. You must base your personal brand strategy on your expertise and passion so you excitedly and confidently show up consistently in your business. Your Human Design in this equation guides you on how your energy impacts your actions as well as your energy is received by others. Knowing this is important so you don't attach meaning to rejection or anything else out of your control. Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is a great tool in sales and marketing because it helps you create a marketing message that speaks clearly to your audience's primary decision maker--their unconscious mind.

You'll be fascinated to learn how all of this works together. And when you embody your customized strategy, you get rapid results while enjoying your business growth.

Want to go from chaos to calm and cash in your business? Check out the Profitability and Productivity Planner. 👇

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