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Building a network marketing business as an introvert

Updated: Apr 23

Did your cousin convince you that you'll be great fit for her network marketing business? But you're scared sh*itless because you're an introvert.

If you're an introvert looking to build an empire in an industry that requires you actually connect with people and create social media content in this "look-at-me-" world, then I got you. With a little bit of creativity and technology, you can build a wildly successful network marketing business without using uncomfortable prospecting strategies.

Let's talk marketing.

As an introvert, you'll have a better chance promoting your business on a platform like Instagram that mixes video and photo content. With Instagram Reels really hot in 2021, it will be a good idea to rotate video content with carousel infographics.

Before you freak out about creating video, here are some faceless video content ideas:

  • Flat lay tutorial: If you're a health coach, this can be an overhead shot of you mixing ingredients for a meal. Or if you're an essential oils wellness advocate, the overhead video can be of you creating an essential oil blend.

  • Model tutorial: For skincare or makeup consultants, ask a friend if you can do a demo on her for video content. If you're a distributor for ZYIA, have some friends model your newest line.

  • Top #x Tips : Use an app like Canva to create a video with animated texts to offer 3 tips relating to your products. You can create 5 different videos for the 5 stages of awareness that your audience must go through to buy from you.

  • Top #x Recommendations: If you usually recommend products that pair well with your network marketing products, then do a Top #3 product recommendations video. (Don't forget to become an affiliate for those brands to earn a small commission!)

I've found mixing up Instagram Reels with informative carousel posts works well to capture my audience's attention. Here is an example of a carousel post I used to increase awareness about the importance of network marketers growing an email list.

Speaking of an email list, you'll want to drive traffic off social media to capture emails for direct communication with your followers. As an introvert, your email list will be your greatest asset because you can speak directly to your prospects without having to do a silly TikTok dance.

Statistics say that for every dollar you spend on email marketing , you can expect a $42-$48 return on investment! So while you're making awesome content to capture your audience's attention, you might as well as add a CTA to your post to direct your audience to free a digital download. For ideas on what to create, check out my blog 30 Minutes to a High Converting Freebie.

As you grow and nurture your email list, keep an eye on your email marketing statistics to see who is opening up your emails. These people are your hot leads that you'll want to learn more about. You'll want to create a strategy to send them targeted emails or open up a conversation with them. Inside my program, Connections that Convert, I teach how you can turn your social media interactions into paying customers.

Building a network marketing business as an introvert doesn't have to be scary if you're strategic! In fact, you're a perfect fit for creating the system and flow to grow a successfully profitable and efficient business because you're a natural observer of how things work together.

To recap, create content that you're excited about and that inspires, educates or entertains your audience. Send them to your email list by enticing them with an offer in your post's call to action. Then nurture the heck out of them to open up a sales conversation!

I'd love to know your takeaways in the comments.

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