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30 Minutes to a High Converting Freebie

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

While scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you may notice influencers offering a free download or free product sample to their followers. With their offer, they are promising some kind of result.

You may think that offering something for free is counter-intuitive but it is quite the opposite. It could actually be one of the best ways to boost sales.

In fact, I believe this is why multi-level marketing fails for some people.

Distributors aren't offering the best customer experience from start to finish. They are rushing to get anyone and everyone to buy their product or service without qualifying their prospect.

Successful multilevel marketing and network marketing distributors (or any online business) use a free (or low ticket) offer as part of their marketing strategy to boost sales.

Before you create a free download in Canva, read why offering a freebie can boost your brand awareness, customer loyalty, and boost sales.

1.) Create buzz for your brand with freebies. If you have an awesome, informative freebie that gets your subscriber the results they want, they will share it with other people. And who doesn't love the free marketing of word-of-mouth?

2.) Improve your know, like, and trust factor with your freebie. This entry-level offer is a chance to wow your new subscriber and shows them what you got. If your freebie is valuable, they will wonder how much more value you will add to their lives if they actually paid for your products or services.

3.) Freebies encourage your new email subscribers to try other products from you. Your freebie will allow them to test the waters and see if they want to be a client of yours. This also helps weed out the clients that won't ever buy from you.

4.) When you offer a freebie in exchange for their email, you now have a direct line to communicate with your audience. Once they become your new email subscribers, you allow them to get to know you better and vice versa. (In my free download 30 Minutes to a High Converting Freebie, I recommend resources to help if you don't know what to send to email subscribers.)

5.) If you write a blog, a freebie increases your chances of your new email subscribers reading your blog and sharing your content. You can include this as a call to action in your welcome email to subscribers.

For women in network marketing and multi-level marketing, offering free advice or tips can be a way to encourage your followers to buy products from you.

Let's start brainstorming some free download ideas per industry.


  • 10 Minute Workouts from Home

  • Tips to lose that last 10 lbs


  • List of worst hidden sugar foods

  • Complex carbs list or comparison chart


  • Makeup for different occasions

  • Tips for picking out the right colors and tones for your skin


  • Skincare to avoid while pregnant

  • Skincare quiz


  • Haircare over 50

  • Haircare home remedies


  • Food and wine gift baskets ideas

  • Food and wine pairing party ideas

Essential Oils:

  • Cleaning with essential oils

  • What essential oils kill viruses


  • Day to Night jewelry

  • How to pack jewelry for travel

Active Wear:

  • Activewear you can wear to work

  • Best fit for your body type

While social media for network marketers and multi-level marketers may be attractive, free offers should be one of their strategies to boost sales. Growing your email list through these free offers opens up the opportunity for marketing without social media and having marketing automation.

So what should be included in your free download?

To keep things simple, your free download should be filled with content that matches your brand, adds value, and has a call to action for further cultivation of a relationship with your email subscribers.

In the free download 30 Minutes to a High Converting Freebie, I break down in detail the anatomy of a great freebie as well as give you more freebie sales ideas to boost sales.

With the help of Canva design school, you will have a beautifully curated freebie to boost your sales. Be sure to watch my brief tutorial on best practices when creating your offer for free in Canva.

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