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There’s an easier way to attract SOUL ALIGNED clients, while showing up online in an authentic and intuitive way. 


connections that convert



In Just 6 Weeks!

For entrepreneurs who want to attract soul aligned clients WITHOUT spamming strangers or cold DMs.


You’re a one of a kind woman. 


In life, you do things your way and everyone knows it. 


BUT.. when it comes to marketing and selling online

you STRUGGLE to have that same effortless confidence.


You feel OVERWHELMED with all the marketing advice, trends and strategies and you’re DESPERATE for a simple, clear path that works. 


The Marketing World says, to make sales you need to: 

🚫 Send a gazillion emails out each hour on the hour

🚫 Post 48,897 stories to take your viewers through different angles of the program

🚫 Hit up "hot leads" to invite them to join


  • “I don't want to come across as salesy or pushy” 

  • “ I’m taking away from clients when they buy from me” 

  • “I don’t like following up on people, if they want to work with me they will let me know” 

  • “My potential clients will unfollow me if I sell every day” 


You find yourself thinking… 



Well, the good news is I have got you covered!!! 


I created a marketing and selling system to help you have more authentic content that leads to conversations that light you up!! 


When you feel excited to talk about what you do then you will love showing up. 


And because of that, you become more magnetic and attract more soul aligned clients. 


Which leads to even more light-you-up conversations so business just feels like a very natural, fun and intuitive flow.​


Here’s the thing:

I know you’re really great at what you do. 


You just feel sick of pushing through the resistance of cut and paste strategies. 


That’s okay - those strategies worked for someone else but they are not YOU.


The Connections That Convert approach will show you how to use your intuition and personal energy for authentic marketing and selling that creates abundance for you AND your clients

Access the method to collapse time and reach your goals sooner.
connections that convert

The program for women entrepreneurs ready to connect with their higher self, create a magnetic marketing strategy and sell without sleaze

CTC Mockup Builder .png

Grow your business based on inspired guidance that divinely guides you

Without feeling fake, spammy, or salesy.

Stop being the BEST kept secret!

Receiving guidance and one on one coaching from Vanessa was life changing on both a professional and personal level.


I’ve completely shifted my mindset and my perspective when it comes to attracting the right clients/team members.


I no longer feel helpless but rather empowered that there IS absolutely a way to do business in way that is authentic, feels good and gives you real results.


-Gigi G., Industry Leader


- Denise H., Sex Coach

After using Vanessa's strategies, things were so much easier and less stressful!!


Vanessa will lead you to success if you are willing to put in the work! She pours her heart and soul into helping each of her clients succeed!!

She is more than just an AMAZING coach, she is an amazing friend!!


She changed EVERYTHING for me and I will forever be grateful!!

No more getting distracted by every new shiny tactic or social media strategy that leaves you hustling for every client.

What's included...


the business 

blueprint course

The Business Blueprint course shows you how to build out your client pipeline to reach $10k+ months while being in alignment.


A comprehensive course with 20 training videos,15 worksheets, 50+ Templates and 3 meditation audios.


  • Establish a pipeline of quality prospects ready and excited to buy from you on repeat

  • Perfect your world class communication to show up confidently on sales calls

  • Craft a magnetic marketing message that effortlessly draws people to you

  • Create a personal brand to earn additional streams of income that pair with your current offers

CTC Mockup Builder .png


sales script framework + graphic vault

With the content vault, you’ll always know exactly what to say when (and how!) to make marketing easy and sales effortless. 


You get access to over 50 assets, including…


  • How to spark a conversation

  • Chatting in Facebook threads

  • DM Strategies

  • Pre-written nurture email sequence

  • Social media graphics to stop the scroll

CTC Mockup Builder  (1).png


group coaching with Vanessa

Get built-in support and accountability so you actually implement and see results!


  • Monthly Group Strategy Calls over Zoom (60 mins) 

  • Monthly Goal Setting Using Timeline Therapy to balance emotions and logic for achievable outcomes (60 mins)

  • Guided meditations by Vanessa (increase your confidence by training yourself to think like successful entrepreneurs!) 

  • Accountability Trello Board so you stay on track 

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A Glimpse of the Powerful Trainings 

You’ll Receive Access to:

Confidence Activation

Abundance meditations to help you have the clarity and confidence to take action on the things needed to attract love, prosperity, good health and success.

Attraction to Nurture

Your complete online business client attraction machine. Build an audience using Facebook Groups and/or Instagram. It's up to you!

Using Human Design in Sales & Marketing

A powerful tool you can use to design your life, market your business, and attract dream clients according to your energy style. No more one-size-fits all strategy. 

Connections through Conversations

This is not your typical DM Strategy. How would you like to get a YES with zero convincing? 

Understanding Your Audience

Make the sales process easy when you overcome objections in your marketing. Get into the head of your audience and build rapid rapport.

Step into Your Divine Feminine Power

Create a routine that allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor without sacrificing potential revenue

Plus, you also get access to this curated Bonus Suite to effortlessly grow your business on autopilot

Power of Energetics

Discover what makes someone magnetizing and powerful. Scaling your business to 6-figures and beyond requires a calculated balance of feminine and masculine energies

Email List Building

The money is in the list. Beat the algorithm when you build your own community using email marketing.


Email marketing has a 42% rate of return.

Affiliate Marketing

Are you leaving money on the table when you recommend products that you could make a commission on? Fluidly add a new income stream to your current business. 

Pro Business Planning

When you know where you want to go, you have a better chance of getting there. Plan your business like a pro to uncover potential threats and maximize opportunities.

In 6 weeks from now you’ll have more connections, new clients and WAY MORE confidence in yourself to grow your business. 


…so choose your plan NOW. 

Business Blueprint Course (Valued at $888)


Content Vault (Valued at $222)


Monthly Group Calls & Coaching with Vanessa (Valued at $3,333)


Guided Meditations and Timeline Therapy (Valued at $111)


Accountability Trello Board (Valued at $88) 

Exclusive Access to Members-Only Facebook Group (priceless!)

Lifetime Access to Course Curriculum (priceless!)

Choose your payment option







100% risk-free guarantee

We know this group coaching program and course has immense value but we want you to feel good about enrolling.

If you join and find that this isn't the best fit for you, request a refund within 7 days of purchase. We'll gladly refund your investment. No forms to fill out. No homework to turn in. 😉 Simply email 

Given the nature of the digital content in this program and this generous refund policy, please only enroll if you feel called to and intend take action on the course material.


-Rebecca M., Network Marketer

By stopping the cold messages and asking more questions (people love to talk about themselves) to get to know them first I did convert one person onto my team thus far!

You won’t BELIEVE how quickly you’ll get results.

You got this! (1)_edited.jpg

Hi, I’m Vanessa

I'm a marketing expert with a burning passion for helping women entrepreneurs develop a personal brand so they succeed in business their way. 


I’ve helped countless women just like you earn consistent $10K+ months by creating a super fun sales and marketing process… that leaves out the stress and ick of cold prospecting. 


Want to ditch intimidating sales & marketing strategies? You’re in the right place.


I’ll help you create a personal brand that aligns with your values, energy, and goals. 


And the best part? Once you learn to do business your way, you’ll easily attract a steady flow of like-minded people eager to become your clients and join your network.


You have it in you to succeed, I just help you get there quicker. 



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Connect to your audience at a subconscious level to make sales and marketing simple and aligned

  • Q: How much commission will I earn for promoting these products?
    Commissions go up to 40% for online courses.
  • Q: What is the cookie/referral period?
    The cookie (aka the tracking of the link) is 365 days as long as the program is offered. So if you refer someone who purchases a product 6 months later, you will still earn the commission!
  • Q: How and when will I get paid?
    On most programs, you will get paid via Paypal automatically after 30 days. However, some programs pay out commission within 7 days. The reason for the delay is to give the customer time to ask for a refund.
  • Q: How can I promote my link?
    I want to make things super simple and fun for you! Once your affiliate application is approved, you'll receive access to a marketing toolkit with resources and ideas to promote your affiliate link. Resources include email and posts swipes, graphics and access to my team training program. There are so many ways you can promote the programs from writing blog posts to creating pins to promoting on social media or running email campaigns! You can even promote my free lead magnets to lock your cookie and allow me to do the hard work of selling on your behalf!
  • Q: Do I have a minimum of sales to meet?
    Absolutely not! In fact, you don't even have a maximum. You can make as much or as little as you want when you're in my affiliate program.

You’ve got everything it takes to build your dream online business! 


You’ve never been closer to living a wildly successful life than you are right now.

Go on and get in there!

Business Blueprint Course (Valued at $888)


Content Vault (Valued at $222)


Monthly Group Calls & Coaching with Vanessa (Valued at $3,333)


Guided Meditations and Timeline Therapy (Valued at $111)


Accountability Trello Board (Valued at $88) 

Exclusive Access to Members-Only Facebook Group (priceless!)

Lifetime Access to Course Curriculum (priceless!)

Choose your payment option









You read all the way to the bottom and you're still not sure? Well, then let's chat!

Book a 20-minute discovery call.

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