Sales and Recruiting Strategy for Network Marketers

I see you, network marketing momma!
You want to create a profitable business that financially contributes to your household.


Attract new customers and team members and go from feeling like a pushy salesperson to a confident authority without the stress or sleaze.

Are you embarrassed by the cookie-cutter methods of bringing up your business opportunity?

Hit a sales plateau because you've exhausted your friends and family to sell to?


Do you feel like you're letting your family down because your MLM business isn't bringing in the money you hoped?


You know there's a better way to grow your MLM business than what your upline is teaching you but you don't know where to start.


Does this sound familiar….’ve hit a pretty big sales slump and you're starting to DOUBT your decision to join your MLM.'re doing all the things your upline is telling you to do but they aren’t working for you. feel like you're not cut out for this business because you don't want to be SALESY or spammy to get the sale. FEAR that you're becoming "that person" -- the one friends, family, neighbors and moms at school avoid because you're always "selling something." 


The aunt, neighbor, and coworker that you recruited aren’t bringing on new team members either and you all are feeling a little defeated.


Where is the EXCITED energy you felt when you first started your network marketing business? 

Listen, it’s not your fault.


Many network marketers aren’t taught personal branding or how to position their offers.


What you need to revive your energy and enthusiasm is a STRATEGY. One that actually works!

How do I know? I was there once. In your Exact. Same. Situation. I shared your pain and frustration.


A poor strategy deflates your confidence, zaps your energy, and causes a downward spiral of uncertainty.

Happy Women


...your business having a profit that's equivalent to a full-time 9-5 salary.


...having a business model and clear plan of action that’s doable within your lifestyle and it’s delivering results.


...using your social media scrolling time to create new connections that grow into new customers and team members.


Let go of the outdated prospecting approach you've done in the past, (we’ve all done them!)


and let's cut your growth process in half by building your know, like and trust factor and overcome objections before they even arise.


Yup, that’s what can happen...



Connections that Convert!

The course designed to help network marketers like you attract new customers and the right team members without salesy or spammy tactics.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to turn your social media interactions into a thriving community.

  • The best way to connect with high-energy, motivated people to join your team.

  • Tricks to building rapport that make DM convos comfortable and easy to pitch your offer.

  • Where to spend your time, what you should be doing, and exactly how to do it.

  • How to create a team onboarding system that trains your new team members on autopilot.

What’s Inside Connections that Convert:

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Digital Workbook

Connections that Convert Workbook

Turn your social media interactions into a thriving community.


Learn how to best connect with your ideal client and high-energy, motivated people that are potential team members.

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DM Workshop & Script

The DM Strategy

It's hard enough to get into the DMs. Make a good first impression by building rapport and converting more sales with your know-like-trust factor.

No longer go through the stress of cold prospecting or be "that" network marketer.

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Recruiting Blueprint

2021 Recruiting Blueprint for Rapid Growth

Recruit ambitious action-takers to your team with an onboarding training system that will give team members the tools and confidence they need to build a sustainable business.

Providing a clear, doable action plan for your new recruits will help them get predictable results.

Let’s get you new customers, shall we?

PLUS get instant access to the BONUS Suite

✔ How to create a solid business plan for growth and expansion

✔ Email list building strategies to ensure customer loyalty

​✔ Vetting strategies to recruit top industry leaders

Let’s get real.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you felt good about the tactics you're currently using to get more team members or if  you were making the money you want.


So you have two options at this point: 



keep doing the things you're upline is telling you to do that make you feel icky (and are robbing you of progress that'll make your family proud of you.)




you can skip out on your next salon blow-out and invest a little in this course that'll not only save you TONS of stress but also give you the confidence that you're building a REAL business you can be proud of.

You’ll see predictable results from your new tactics that are easy to implement and that you actually want to do.

Rebecca M., Beachbody Coach

By stopping the cold messages and asking more questions (people love to talk about themselves) to get to know them first I did convert one person onto my team thus far!

 Why is this important to me?



Because I was once in your shoes. Trying to grow my network marketing business while up against the stigma of the dreaded “pyramid scheme” comments.


I knew I had to change the perception of my network marketing business by becoming a better marketer and entrepreneur with a unique personal brand.

I now help other network marketing moms develop a personal brand to earn consistent $5K+ months by creating captivating content without the stress of tech or lack of creativity so they grow their team with ease. 

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to craft a personal brand, release limiting beliefs, and follow an actionable strategy that attracts the right customers and team members-not the ones you have to chase or babysit.


Will I be able to take action right away?

Yes! You'll be able to take action after each module. In fact, many lessons include homework for you to take baby action steps.

How long will the course take me?


You can go as fast or as slow as you want but you should be able to get through the entire course in a weekend.

Are there any refunds?

Due to the nature of the course, there are no refunds.

How long will I have access to the training videos?

You’ll have lifetime access to the training videos and any future updates.

What if I have any technical issues or questions?

Feel free to email any questions to You’ll receive a reply as soon as possible.


For only $97, you will immediately gain access to:

✔ Best practices for understanding your audience to makes sales and recruiting easy

✔ Crafting a message that sells for you

✔ Ways to create a community of women to join you

✔ Creating clarity in your social media presence

✔ DM strategies that make you feel confident and excited to reach out

Plus the incredible bonuses of: 

How to create a solid business plan for growth + expansion

✔ Email list building strategies to build customer loyalty

​✔ Vetting strategies to recruit top industry leaders

(Total Value: $297)

Your life changes when you attract loyal customers and action-takers that help grow a successful network marketing business.

Questions? Write to me at

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