How to Get Clients on Facebook in 10 Days

Updated: Aug 30

Getting more clients on social media can feel like a scary thing. Many entrepreneurs face fear of rejection which blocks them from actually doing the outreach. Or when they do, they are unsure of what to say.

We’re going to cover ways to find new clients on Facebook without feeling spammy. You will create genuine connections to which you can classify in 1 of 3 categories.

Client Searching

One of the issues I see when it comes to prospecting is that coaches, consultants and network marketers aren’t taking the time to do proper client research. Most just want to spray and pray that someone will respond to their cold DM. They send out generic messages without looking at the person’s profile to find talking points or get to know a little about the individual.

You should have a strategy when it comes to finding clients online. Each social media platform will have its differences but the same premise of creating genuine connections should be the main focus.

Facebook has been my favorite way to get new clients. Most of my time is spent networking in Facebook groups with people that have shared interests. Because these members and I have something in common, they likely have other similar interests.

To spark a conversation, I like to use an automated system called elMessenger Pro. This Chrome extension allows me to search for people within groups (and other places on Facebook) to send a friend request and an automatic message.

Before you get scared and think it’s spammy, let me show you how to reach out to potential clients using this tool in a fun and authentic way!

  1. The key is to use it in Facebook groups that you show up in often. You want to have authority in the space to be recognizable when they see your friend request come through.

  2. Use keywords that your ideal client will likely have in their profile bio so you’re reaching out to the right types of people.

  3. Set up an automatic message that is friendly and casual. I like to use: “ Hey, (first name), we’re both part of (Facebook group) and thought I might connect to meet new friends! Hope you’re having a great day!”

That’s it! The goal is to simply just start a friendly, casual conversation. When they do reply, that’s when you check out their profile to help guide the conversation.

The DM Conversation

During the conversation, I like to get to know the prospect to see if they fit in one or more of these categories: a potential customer, possible collaboration partner or referral partner.

Not every connection has to be about “getting the sale”. When you put ecological serving over self-serving there is a bigger opportunity for expansion.

Think of this DM conversation as dating. You want to take some time to get to know this person before making an offer. Asking thoughtful questions and truly being curious will help you discern who is a dream client and who isn’t.

Taking the time to develop a foundation to this new relationship will create more loyalty and client satisfaction. Which could lead to repeat business and referrals.

The Prospect Journey

As you choose which categories the prospect will fit in, make sure there is a journey they follow. I like to invite them to my Facebook group where I can get to know them more and they can see what my business is all about. This is a great way to connect with multiple people at once without spending a lot of time customizing individual conversations.

I’ve found the more thorough our conversation in the DMs the more they engage inside my Facebook group.