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How to Create a Balanced Workweek for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


There’s a science behind developing a system that works for you - and not you for it. Successful spiritual entrepreneurs listen to their gut and follow their dreams, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to find a structure for success. We just have to find it in a way that keeps our energies aligned, our passion flowing, and our hearts open. This is why I’ve created the perfect balanced workweek for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Here’s the deal, I’m a spiritual entrepreneur that thrives on taking a holistic approach to my business while balancing my personal life. And, I’ve found quite a bit of success in running my own business - particularly after establishing a prioritization method that works for me. It focuses on achieving more in less time.

What Makes a Balanced Workweek?

A balanced workweek in your business stems from having an organized backend - your content ideas, business goals, and offers. It’s knowing when to schedule and plan events, meetings, and appointments. It’s keeping routines to build mindfulness, setting intentions, prioritizing your self-care and relationships, and essentially embracing that your business shouldn’t make you feel exhausted - it should make you feel inspired.

You’ve probably heard me mention it more than a few times in my group, The Aligned Business Woman, but I’m all about living in abundance. And not just abundance in business, but abundance in life. Meaning that your balanced workweek is going to include a few personal self-care steps - like practicing gratitude and meditation.

Lastly, a balanced workweek is going to involve changing (or embracing) your mindset. We’re embracing that our passions are going to funnel into our business and that’s where the money is. We’re embracing our goals and intentions and following through with our plans.

How Long Does it Take to Set up Your Workweek?

Believe what you want - although I highly suggest that you trust me - but it only takes 90 days to make your workweek a habit. How? A planner that takes you step-by-step in establishing your goals, business strategy, and, finally, workweek.

Beyond a planner that just has your days, weeks, and months, the Profitability + Productivity Planner takes you through the 5-step process of establishing and keeping to your workweek. With metrics tracks, money trackers, content plans, meditation, and goal setting it’s the perfect combo for spiritual entrepreneurs ready to thrive in 2023.

Now, not everyone is going to be ready to stick to a set workweek - but that’s not the whole goal. Business growth comes from comfort and clarity. Comfort in your business by knowing that this is where you need to be and clarity on who and why you serve who you serve. And, our planner guides you through it all.

Check out this YouTube video on the Reasons Why a CEO Day is a Must in Your Business before you structure your CEO Day.

Why Do I Need to Work on Myself to Grow My Business?

“Business growth starts with internal growth.” - Vanessa Ann Miller

And yes, I just quoted myself. It’s because this is what I live and thrive by. You can’t grow your business if you’re not ready to grow yourself. You need to expand yourself, push yourself, and embrace yourself to find clarity in your offers and create a plan that you can stick to - and find profitable growth in.

Neglecting to grow yourself and just focusing on your business will lead to disconnect, dissatisfaction, and the inability to, well, grow. You’ll struggle with feeling misaligned with your offers and clients - you won’t land those dream clients that pay you what you’re worth or even fully value what you do.

Imagine feeling confident and organized in your business and increasing your profitability - all while enjoying life more! That’s what the Profitability + Productivity Planner is all about.

Want hands-on support? Join me for the Profitable CEO Accelerator.

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