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Top Social Media Hacks That Save You Time

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

It seems that the million-dollar question these days has been how to grow your social media followers to increase your business sales and brand awareness. Everyone is looking for the next best thing: social media marketing hacks for business growth.

I would have to say the most obvious "hack" is to show up and be consistent.

However, when life gets in the way, we aren't always consistent. Then once we fall off that wagon, it takes a lot of effort to get back on. That is why I came up with these simple social media hacks that will save you time and help you be more consistent with your social media game.

One of the biggest problems business owners face is having enough content to post and being consistent with their posting schedule.

Have you ever intended on being consistent with your social media posts only to go days or even weeks without posting on your business page?

Somehow you find yourself scrolling and comparing yourself to others which are NOT conducive to growing a successful business or amazing life.

I want to give you my best tips and app suggestions to stop this insanity and start building a business and life you dream of.

If you have found yourself stuck on what to post or even shy about doing live video, you will want to print this email and pin it to your workstation so you follow it every week.

Let's start by having a little chat about being shy on video.


Here is why: Not everyone will watch your entire video and if they do, they are your true fans anyway and will cheer you on from the other side of the screen. Think about it. When was the last time you watched an entire video of someone you didn't value their advice or opinion? If you did, it was probably not by choice.

This week, take a chance and do a live video then follow these steps to turn that one video into more content for the week.

At first, this may take you a couple of hours to do but by the time you get in the swing of things, you can have it down in 45 minutes or less.

1.) Go live on Facebook or Instagram then save your video to your phone and Google Drive. If you have a Facebook group and business page, you can use Streamyard to go live simultaneously.

2.) Upload this video to and pay a small fee for them to transcribe it. I promise if your video has great content, this will be worth paying for.

3.) Once you get the transcript back, either you or your virtual assistant should go through the transcript and highlight quotable sentences.

4.) Now that you've collected a list of juicy quotes, create infographics in Canva. I like to use these every Thursday on Instagram to refer people back to my website and blog. (See my example below.)

5.) Take these few infographics and schedule them to post to Instagram over the next few weeks. I like to use Planoly to post simultaneously to Instagram and my Facebook business page. It now also allows you to post to Twitter at the same time too.

Did you notice that this not only solves the problem of not having anything to post but it also keeps you from scrolling the feed aimlessly?

Because you are only going live once then using external apps to post to your accounts.

**Bonus tip: You can use your transcript as the basis of a blog post. You may need some editing but you should have the majority of a great blog post.

**Bonus tip #2: Use the transcript to create an email to send to your subscribers to make sure they got your valuable tips. I love Flodesk for my email marketing. (Use my link for 50% your subscription.)

Friend, my goal is to help you increase your profits & confidence while you work from home creating the life you love.

Earn more, work less! It is possible!

Want to have marketing content that converts? Download your free 6-step guide!

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