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Let's Make Embodying Your Human Design EASY!

(Yep! Even if you're new to Human Design!)

Manifestation Lab

This membership is for boss women seeking to align with their Human Design while receiving guidance from the Cosmos.


Manifestation Lab offers the recipe for ease, joy, success, and abundance.

Online Meditation

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dived deep into manifestation tools but haven't seen a change in your real-world success.

😤  You've read every self-help book on the shelf, but still, something's missing. You feel a void in your heart and pocketbook.


😤 You’ve taken all the manifestation courses, gone down the Human Design rabbit hole, and have come up more confused than ever.


😤  You know you're meant for me but not sure what that "more" is.

Ready to end this frustration?

Here’s some good news. ⤵️

Manifestation Lab is your secret weapon. This isn't a course. It's about aligning your business savvy with your heart and soul. It's where your entrepreneurial journey meets your personal growth – but with a twist that’s all about YOU.

Your Transformation at Manifestation Lab

Manifesting the life you dream about – filled with success, love, and abundance – doesn't have to be a mystical secret or an endless grind. It's about aligning your actions with your authentic energetic blueprint.

And that’s exactly what we’re diving into together in the Manifestation Lab each and every month.

No need for those cookie-cutter approaches that promise the moon and deliver only stardust. We're going to harness your unique Human Design, backed by Astrology and the Gene Keys, to not just chase but attract what you’re meant for.

All this without overwhelming you with complex jargon or inaccessible techniques.

Pinky promise!

The Manifestation Lab Human Design and Astrology for Manifestation

Still unsure? Check this out. 👇

Think success is all about luck or endless grind? Let's bust that myth.


The truth is, real success—deep, fulfilling, sky's-the-limit success—isn't about pushing harder; it's about aligning with your purpose smarter. And that’s where the Manifestation Lab shines.


Here’s the hard evidence:


1️⃣ Studies reveal that personalized coaching, like what you’ll find in Manifestation Lab, significantly enhances self-awareness by 80% (ICF, 2016). Why does this matter? Because understanding yourself is the first step to manifesting the life and business you desire.


2️⃣ Sharpening your goal-setting abilities is crucial, and 72% of coaching clients have found just that (ICF, 2016). With clearer goals, you're not just dreaming; you're doing!


3️⃣ Our monthly Embodiment Challenges take it further by boosting decision-making skills by 60% and productivity by over 53%. This isn’t just about working smarter; it's about transforming your approach to every challenge and opportunity.


At Manifestation Lab, we don’t just believe in teaching; we believe in transforming. With our tailored program, backed by solid statistics, you're not just learning—you're evolving into a more successful, fulfilled version of yourself.

Fun Facts

What you’re NOT going to get here:

🚫 No basic tricks or quick fixes. If you’re looking for superficial manifesting strategies or overnight success myths, this isn’t the place. Manifestation Lab is about deep, sustainable transformation.


🚫 No ignoring your unique energy. Cookie-cutter approaches? Absolutely not. Every aspect of your learning is tailored to fit your personal Human Design, ensuring that it resonates with your individual energy blueprint.


🚫 No hustle 'til you drop! Forget the burnout culture. We’re all about fostering well-being and balance. You'll learn to harness the power of your natural energies for success, not strain against them.


🚫 No lonely journey: You're not buying a course–it’s a membership! You're joining a community. This journey is shared, supported, and deeply connected, steering clear of the isolating "figure-it-out-on-your-own" approach. (Think of it like a gym for exercising your inner world. 😉)

Katherine Christine Wehler

What you ARE going to get...

A 3-step process for harnessing your natural energies to manifest success, joy, and abundance.


We call it the Manifestation Mastery Path.




Step 1:

Discover Your Design

This is where you first dive into your Human Design. You’ll get instant access to the Human Design library to map out your unique energy type and explore the basics of how you best interact with the world. You’ll learn to recognize your natural strengths and how to leverage them.

Step 2:

Align with the Cosmos

With monthly Astrology Forecast calls, you'll align your actions with the celestial forces. This isn’t just about tracking Mercury retrograde; it’s about understanding how planetary movements influence your personal energy cycle and decision-making process.

Step 3:

Apply and Transform

Here’s where the real magic happens. Each month, through Embodiment Challenges, you’ll take the insights and alignments from your discoveries and actively integrate them into your daily life and business practices. It's about turning knowledge into tangible results.

Simple, huh?


Each step is designed not just to educate but to transform—shifting you from a passive learner to an active participant in your own life’s journey.

What more soul-searching women like YOU are saying:

Jessica R.

I received some aha moments. I'm going to read over the paperwork again, watch the video and meditate on what I learned and the ideas you gave me. Thank you for triggering the aha ideas for me. Thank you for helping me verbalize what I want to do and showing me a path. You are awesome.

Carelyn T.

Vanessa provided a beautiful report and that was easy to read, which was great since a lot of the Human Design content available is not that easy to understand. Confirmed the message behind my business and provided clarity on the things I get to work on to open the gates of prosperity 

Yes, I'm Ready for Manifestation Lab!

Unlock the Secrets of Your Design for Life-Changing Results

This program is meticulously crafted to guide you through understanding your unique Human Design, empowering you to embrace your life’s purpose, cultivate fulfilling relationships, and optimize your business for prosperity and ease.

Membership Breakdown:

Monthly Live Embodiment Challenges

Dive deep with practical challenges and experimentations that are designed to help you use your unique energy patterns. These aren’t just exercises and action prompts; they’re transformative experiences that align you with your natural strengths.

Monthly Astrology Forecasts

Join calls with our expert Astrologer, Katherine Wehler, to learn how celestial shifts can affect your personal energy. This isn’t about generic horoscopes; it’s tailored advice that slots into your daily life, helping you make decisions that feel aligned and fruitful.

A Full Suite of Human Design Resources

From detailed guides on understanding your energy type to exploring all the nuances of the Human Design chart, these resources are here to simplify your understanding of who you are and how you can manifest your best life.

Group Q&A Sessions

Participate in our interactive Q&A sessions to deepen your understanding of how to embody your Human Design. These sessions are a goldmine for learning how to integrate these insights practically in your life and business.

Supportive Virtual Community

Join a vibrant online community where you can connect, share experiences, and ask questions. This platform offers continuous support and engagement with peers who are on a similar journey of self-discovery and business alignment.

Manifestation Lab is more than just a program; it's a transformational journey, aligning your entrepreneurial ambitions with your innermost self, leading to a life of fulfillment, ease, and prosperity.

The Manifestation Lab Human Design and Astrology for Manifestation

Manifestation Lab: Transformative Experimentation to Embody Your Human Design

Forget the fluff. This is where you transform your life to match your vision. Ready to jump in? Let's make it happen – together!

Meet the Women Behind the Lab
Vanessa Ann Miller

Vanessa is a skilled business strategist and success coach who empowers ambitious female entrepreneurs by blending neuroscience with manifestation techniques. She uses subconscious reprogramming, Human Design, and practical business strategies to help her clients shift from stagnation to prosperity and attract a flow of dream clients.

Her approach is like having a brain trainer and a business mentor in one, helping women unlock mental barriers and implement effective business tactics. With Vanessa’s coaching, clients transform their mindset and business practices, moving from feeling stuck to achieving their business dreams with clarity and confidence.

Vanessa is not just a coach; she's a mom, an entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate for women's success, living and thriving in Houston, TX. Her journey resonates with many who juggle family life with ambitious business goals. Vanessa's personal experiences enrich her coaching, making her uniquely equipped to guide fellow female entrepreneurs through the complexities of balancing professional achievement with personal fulfillment.

Katherine Christine Wehler

Katherine is a New Paradigm Business and Soul Coach committed to guiding heart-centered leaders to create and truly anchor in Heaven on Earth in real-time.


She uses her 20+ years as an Astrologer, Human Design skills, and access to the Akashic Records to help her High Caliber clients create a lasting impact and legacy of love, majorly increase client attraction and money manifestation, and overall build a life based on love, wealth, joy, freedom.


Born with Soul Blueprints focused on helping humanity shift into the highest timeline possible, Katherine is deeply passionate about business being not just another career but an important platform for Global Transformation and Ascended Consciousness.


How long is the program? 


The program is like a gym membership. You get access to the content library, monthly Embodiment Challenges, and coaching calls as long as you're a member.*

(If you joined as a Founding Member during the beta round, you have lifetime access to the program once your investment is paid in full.)

What results can I expect from the program?


With our program, you'll uncover your hidden superpowers, learn how to make choices that just feel right, and tweak your life and business game to match your true goals. It's all about feeling charged up, in sync with your real purpose, and totally ready to take on your world!


What benefits does the online community offer?


The online community is a space for ongoing support, networking, and sharing experiences with fellow participants. It's a resource for continual learning and a way to connect with like-minded individuals on similar journeys.


Have more questions? Send an email to

Ready to start living your best life yet?

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