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Growing an MLM business is confusing AF

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

The excitement of opening up a nutrition club blinded me to the hard work and high overhead costs that it would require. I just wanted to experience the high of running my own business and impacting other people's lives.

I was taking on a lot by joining this network marketing company and immediately opening up a brick-and-mortar to sell and market their products. In hindsight, what the heck was I thinking?!

As the years went by, I juggled trying to figure out how to run a business, make a profit and keep my head above water. Then the tides of negativity came gushing in. "Network marketing is a pyramid scheme!" or "No, I don't want to join your stupid scam."

People can be so harsh. Wouldn't you agree?

No wonder I have clients coming to me on the verge of quitting and feeling defeated. The stigma around network marketing and their lack of experience in running a business has them wondering if they're even cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Women have come to me saying:

"I've done everything I know how to do...all the things my upline has suggested."
"I don't know how to get new customers and team members beyond my family & friends."

Friend, you're up a creek without a paddle. One that was tarnished by people who came before you. So don't pressure yourself to understand how to scale your business right out of the gate.

Growing a successful, profitable network marketing business isn't easy, but it is possible!

It's easy AND possible with a personal brand strategy.

When students join my program F.A.S.T. Formula to $5K, I take them back to the basics and help them build a solid business foundation for a personal brand strategy.

Many network marketers hop into the business and use a "post and pray" strategy. This method is actually a waste of time and doesn't capture the attention of dream customers or team members.

In F.A.S.T. Formula to $5K, the first phase of Foundation is dedicated to setting up your business for long-term success that will run on autopilot...even when you're enjoying the free vacation you qualified for.

You're ready to welcome new followers, customers, and team members in Phase 2: Attraction. This is when we make growing your team and client list easy and fun! No more stressing about bothering people or being "that" network marketer.

We build on the momentum in Phase 3: Second Stream. You'll learn how you can effortlessly make more money using your network marketing niche. Double your income without doubling your effort. How would that sound?

Lastly, you'll be confident knowing that you made a wise investment with the program because I'll teach you how to use what you learn for rapid team growth. No more babysitting new recruits who end up quitting on you anyway.

You'll end the program with a holistic and strategic approach to attract, recruit, and retain new customers and new team members outside of your friends and family.

And know where to spend your time, what you should be doing, and exactly how to do it so you can finally get off the hamster wheel of work with no results.

But the beauty of this all is that it'll be designed around your expertise and natural talents. So you'll be excited to wake up each day to work on your business with magnetizing energy that gets people to flock to you.

Are you ready to operate in your zone of genius? Join the waitlist today.


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