How to make $5K each month in your MLM business

Updated: Feb 16

Growing your business can be overwhelming and confusing. Wouldn't you agree?

People offer their unsolicited advice. You don't trust your gut so you ask people what they think and trust them over your intuition.

Tell me if these thoughts have run through your mind:

"I thought a network marketing business was the right option, but now I’m feeling stuck and starting to doubt my decision.”

"The things my upline is telling me to do and the things I see other people doing aren’t working for me. I don’t know what else to do."

"Maybe I’m not really cut out for this. "

I completely get it. I felt it. I went through it.

Friend, you don't have to feel that way. And you for sure as hell don't have to do things the way other people say to.

Following my personal brand strategy + my Human Design has been the best decision I've ever made for my life and business. It allows me to attract the people I'm going to vibe with and not have my stomach twist in knots when talking about my biz.

I allow my energy and natural talents to lead....and now I'm fully confident and trust the choices I make in my business. This can be you too!

You're a natural born leader in your own way. Own it, friend!

My very first client came to me feeling stuck at the same rank and income of her network marketing business.

She was very bummed (ok she was really depressed) because she was at a crossroads of quitting her MLM to go back to her 9-5 or dying a slow death of being her own number 1 customer and maybe eventually getting to a 6-figure income. (Can you relate?)

We went through my PBS Method (Personal Brand Strategy) method and uncovered opportunities for her to create two different sources of income based on her MLM industry and without her having to face the humiliation of quitting her MLM.

This is what I taught her:

She was very knowledgeable in caring for a diabetic child. In fact, she joined her