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Comprehensive Business Strategy for Boss Moms Who Want to Make Money from Home

Get the simplest formula to making $5k per month from home


By working less than 20 HOURS A WEEK + live a financially


fulfilling life while being a present mom to your kids!

I was EXACTLY like you!


..afraid of approaching people

..afraid of asking for the sale

..afraid of showing up on social media


I was floating in fears until I figured out a way to work less than 10 HOURS A WEEK and still make $5k months a breeze!


— Melissa Davis Garza

“Vanessa helped me create an additional stream of income based on my personalized business blueprint and I was able to increase my profits by $10,000!”

The F.A.S.T. Formula to $5k months


Helps you grow your income, business and downline on AUTOPILOT without sounding salesy!

Working with Laptop


They say you should reach out to your friends and family (and be salesy) first,



  1. It’s a terrible move and you obviously hate reaching out to random people on DMs

  2. You’re ashamed and afraid of coming across as someone spammy

  3. You don’t know how to show up on social media to grow your downline


But, what if I told you that there IS a way out of this...

...without you having to pitch all the time?

Hi BusyMama,

The F.A.S.T Formula to $5k is for Network Marketing Mamas like you who want to:


Attract customers directly into your DM (yup, you read that right)


Attract and recruit driven, committed team members who *actually* help you grow..


Expand your downline and grow F.A.S.T


Automate the sales process (and spend time with your little ones)

website pic.png

This is for you if:

  • You’re done feeling terrified of what you’re doing right now

  • You want to sell confidently and make loads of money

  • You’re done making excuses and are ready to transition into a Real Boss Mom

E-book Reader

But wait, who am I to claim this for you?


Hi, I’m Vanessa!

And I am here to help you crack the $5k code by helping you master Millionaire Mindset Hacks that helped me sell out $17.5 Million worth in sales using strategic attractive marketing without a single spammy cold call which I now call the F.A.S.T Formula.


I’m a former Financial Advisor turned Business Strategist for Network Marketing Mamas like you who want to scale their business working less than 10 hours a week.


I’m a full-time mom to two munchkins who’s helped 100s of moms like you make a living off network marketing.

Look what Barbara is saying...


— Barbara Henderson, Speaker & Herbalife Health Coach

“Vanessa is a Master Marketer and one of the most AUTHENTIC Champions for Women Entrepreneurs that I've ever met.  She has not only inspired me to take on my business with better consistency but through her coaching and mentoring, my business has flourished.  She showed me how to use my social media platforms to attract more high paying clients as well as expand my brand across many new markets.  Again, She's a Master!!"

Because the fact is mama, you don’t have the time to STRESS OVER building a business from SCRATCH

Do you? NOPE!


And that’s why, the F.A.S.T Formula to $5k course is designed to teach you how to:

1. Build a business that you can easily scale without starting from scratch every time

2. Employ marketing strategies that actually work to convert your followers into paying clients

3. Recruit a competitive team to do the work for you while you make time for your family

Questions? Write to me at hello@vanessaannmiller.com

DISCLAIMER: For best results, show up every week, put in the effort, do the work, complete your worksheets and implement what you learn IMMEDIATELY without delay and you can make $5k per month with ease – but these results are subjective and therefore is neither promised nor guaranteed even though history and experience say that these results are easily achievable. This course comes with a 14-day “questions asked” Refund Policy. If you’re doing the work and you think you’re not a good fit, just send an email to me asking for a refund.  And in any case you decide to apply for a refund, please note that all the training material and the worksheets you downloaded are and will remain the Intellectual Property of Vanessa Ann Miller by default which means that possessing, replicating or distributing any or a part of the training material is a punishable offense according to copyright laws.

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