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Getting More Sales in Your Network Marketing Business Without the Hustle

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I've realized that the non-hustle is ok and in fact, can be sexy.


1. force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction.

"they hustled him into the back of a horse-drawn wagon"

2. INFORMAL: obtain by forceful action or persuasion.

I used to think this was the way to grow a business but as it got me burnt out and repelling my audience. I realized that this hustle was not sexy or inspiring. I made things look hard and exhausting when in fact I just overcomplicated things by doing more and business is actually simple to grow.

Are you doing the same?

The reality is that the things you need to do to grow your business are simple and easy to do. But like many other network marketers, you fill your time with busy work that is NOT money-making activities.

When you fill it with busy work you later find yourself hustling to make a sale.

All too often, network marketers are taught to take messy massive action but there's no intention behind this action.

There's a bigger picture to the actions you do and do not take each day.

If you've hit a pretty big sales slump and you're starting to doubt your decision to join your MLM...or

Feel like the things your upline is telling you to do and the things you see other people doing aren’t working for you...

I got you!

In a recent interview, I talked about the industry problem with the consumer perception of network marketing because of the sales and prospecting tactics of the network marketer.

These strategies clash and have a guard up because one is not treated as a human and the other puts off repelling desperate energy that leads to frustration when they're not getting a sale.

How do you fix this industry problem?

1️⃣ Stop using outdated sales tactics.

2️⃣ Start creating a personal brand to show up as an authority in your space.

3️⃣ Start connecting on a deeper level with prospects.

When my clients take action on the strategies I teach, they can get off the hamster wheel of busywork that was taking away time and money from their family to having a business model with a clear plan of action that’s doable within their lifestyle AND it’s delivering results.

They're able to create connections that build their business faster and in a fun, exciting way.

If you want to make growing your network marketing business easier (and change the public perception for generations to come), it starts with you putting connecting before convincing.

I can help you have a profitable business that would give you a flexible schedule and workload so you can be available for your family and have time for self-care. There would be no guilt for spontaneous days off and you can easily take time off for family vacations and holidays. There would be no guilt for a splurge purchase or hiring help around the house or in your business.

Your business would have no negative effects on your social circle and you’d no longer worry about being “that person.”

If this sounds like something you want for your life and business then I recommend you start with the Profitability and Productivity Planner. 👇🏼

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