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How to Stay Motivated As a New Entrepreneur

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


Let’s be honest, we’re not that far from New Year's and kicking off our New Year’s goals. If you’re still keeping up with your goal - that’s awesome! If you’re not, there is probably a good reason why and it’s not because you just couldn’t “handle” it. It’s more likely that your goal was not properly planned and the idea of a “new start” was a little too appealing. So, how do you set a goal and stay motivated to achieve that goal as a new woman entrepreneur?

Overall, you’re going to need a better understanding of yourself and what you want out of your business - and how you can actually accomplish it. Goal setting without prep or thinking that there are no “obstacles” that you may need to overcome is setting yourself up for disaster. There’s a bit more that goes into it, but that’s the overall gist. Now, let’s break down why your goal is not working for you:

Why You Can't Keep Up With Your Goals

There are actually four main reasons why you can’t keep up with your goals as a woman entrepreneur - at least, that’s what I’ve noticed during my years of working with aspiring and growing entrepreneurs. Thankfully, most of it is a simple swap in mindset and the reason behind your goal AKA the “why” behind setting your goals.

Here are the four main reasons why you can’t keep up with your goals, and what you can do right now to fix it:

#1. You Wanted a “New Start” vs. Creating Something Achievable

Don’t think that your goal is not “achievable” because it’s a new start - it’s more like you didn’t take the necessary steps and preparation to make sure you could achieve your new start. The temporal boundaries increase expectations but not necessarily sustainable motivation and commitment.

Essentially, you’re setting these goals without planning for obstacles, setbacks, and other variables that might hold you back.

#2. You Don’t Actually Know What an Obstacle to Your Goal Is

Not just the situations you might encounter when trying to achieve your goals as an entrepreneur, but the people and mindset. While these obstacles may hold you back, preparation is key!

When obstacles do arise, it’s common for people to look at the effect rather than at the cause. In NLP, there is “cause and effect,” when looking at effect, you’re focusing on blame rather than self-responsibility - which can quickly become your downfall when working towards your goals. You want to be at cause of your situation and environment to show your unconscious mind that you have the ability to be the creator of your reality--not the victim of it.

Check out this Youtube video on How to Stay Motivated as a New Woman Entrepreneur and How You Can Create - and Maintain - Achievable Goals in Your Life and Business.

#3. It’s Your Mindset

You’re putting a band-aid over your mindset instead of actually shifting your mindset. You’re using affirmations to push yourself and encourage yourself to achieve your goals. Instead, you should be going deep down to the root cause of what is keeping you stuck and preventing you from moving forward.

Don’t let an iceberg sink your ship. Look at the entirety of your struggles and not just what you can see on the surface.

#4. You’re Neglecting the Emotional Attachment

Did you know that researchers at the University College London used the function Magnetic Resonance Imaging to demonstrate the neurological power possessed by deep attachments to other people? They discovered that your brain can literally suppress negative aspects and experiences like emotions, social judgments, and intentions by focusing on the positive benefits for someone you love or care for!

When setting your goals, think about how your goal can benefit someone you love and care for - you’ll find it much easier to beat the negative thoughts and accomplish your goals.

"Don't let the iceberg sink your ship." - Vanessa Ann Miller

How Can You Stay Motivated and Committed to Your Goals?

Step #1 is setting goals that are actually attainable - or creating a plan that makes them attainable - and making sure you’re NOT doing any of the things I mentioned above. Setting goals is a natural part of establishing ourselves and growing as female entrepreneurs. It’s actually one of the most effective ways to push yourself to grow your business!

The secret is, you don’t have to set goals alone - or even achieve them alone. If you’re struggling with a certain aspect of staying motivated or being committed, find support. Need help with mindset? Check out the manifestation ritual. Need accountability or direct advice? Find support in a community with the CEO Lab. Not sure where to start? Work 1:1 for aligned advice.

What Happens When You Abandon Your Goals? How Do You Recover?

It’s okay to “fall off the horse” on occasion, it’s encouraging yourself to hop back on that leads to success. We’re not impervious to life events or confidence struggles. The goal is to identify WHY you stopped aspiring to reach your goals and find the solution or encouragement to get back on track.

If you’re still struggling to “get back on track” because your goals are overwhelming, break it down. Instead of looking at your goal for a year, make your goal for the month. Is a monthly goal overwhelming? Break it down into what you need to do each day and congratulate yourself each time you take steps towards your goal.

Goal setting and achieving your goals should be celebrated throughout the entire process - not just the big celebration at the end!

Is it easier if you commit to your goals 100% in the beginning? Heck yes! Will you be shamed or incapable of growth if you don’t? Never! Keep working towards what YOU want and what YOU enjoy. Watch and enjoy as you get closer to your goals - watch as you elevate yourself to the next level of success. And, instead of worrying about not being able to commit to your goals in the first place, create goals that you KNOW you can achieve, you have a plan in place to achieve, and you have the community support to celebrate you every step of the way!

Ready to take the next step in your business? Join me for the Profitable CEO Accelerator!

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