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Upgrade your manifestation practice with the neuroscience tools that actually work to manifest real results.


Finally call in what you deeply desire!

No candles required! 🤣

Let's clear up the manifestation confusion

All the gurus tell you to visualize, repeat affirmations, and meditate to manifest money but you keep spinning in circles wondering why that ca$h hasn't fallen out of the sky yet (even AFTER visualizing multiple money falling out of the sky). 


What gives? 


After wasting money, time, and energy on countless programs that promise results, you still find yourself searching for those Benjamins from your vision inside of your checking account. 


While techniques such as affirmations are great tools, it only scratches the surface. 

The real secret is the brain science behind manifestation for long-lasting, sustainable results.

This means manifesting money on repeat by rewiring your brain and thinking different thoughts.

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"The Manifestation Ritual 3-part course was created for driven & intelligent women like YOU who are READY for more money (and lots of it!), dream clients, and a profitable business!



Manifest more money

In this course, we go through the exact process and framework I personally went through on my own money journey. 


While I’ve always been able to manifest, I didn't know how to manifest money consistently. I did all the things that the gurus teach like affirmations and the 555 method but the money I desired wasn’t showing up in my reality. 


Until I understood that it was my mind and my thought process that was the key ingredient to real money manifestation on a consistent basis. 


This is when my whole world changed!


And I’m on a mission to teach women all over the world to learn how to reprogram their brain to live a life beyond their wildest dreams. 


It all starts with your mind. 


Let’s go through the process of rewiring your brain to manifest money quicker, easier, and long-term!

Are you READY to break through the surface and supercharge your money manifestation

This is for you if:

  • You’re doing everything under the sun to manifest money but nothing seems to be happening 

  • You’ve felt stuck for years wondering if you’ll ever crack the money code 

  • You believe in manifestation but feel like something is missing

  • You're ready to hear the sweet sound of regular payment notifications loud and clear

  • You’re feeling resentful that your bank account isn’t reflecting your efforts 

  • You’re ready for more money than you’ve ever imagined 

"It’s not about repeating positive affirmations all day but finally taking charge of your mind."


What makes a powerful manifester...

The Person with the Most Flexibility Controls the System

When you’re open to receiving money from all sources, it’s 10x easier to have money show up in your reality. Being flexible is a muscle that you have to keep practicing. It’s not about being overly attached to a specific outcome but knowing that results are inevitable and having faith that the money and results will show up. 


Take Responsibility For Your Beliefs & Actions


If only we could sit around all day meditating and have our desires magically show up. Having a desire is not enough. You must act on it. In the manifestation world, we call this inspired action. Taking the right next steps toward your desire not only shows the Universe (or God or higher self - whatever you want to call it) that you’re serious. That’s when the co-creating process begins. 


Set Pure Intentions 


When your money desires are clean and come from the heart, it’s a lot easier to get behind the intention. However, what most people do is set money intentions from the ego. The goal is never to outclass someone but to set pure intentions that come from the heart that’ll serve the greater good of us all.

Here’s everything you’ll receive inside of the Manifestation Ritual: 

Lesson 1: The Science Behind Mindset Blocks

This lesson is all about how your belief system was built and how you can start reprogramming your brain today. Your beliefs impact your actions, and there’s a science behind it.

Lesson 2: Extracting The Blocks

Reprogramming your brain isn’t an overnight process and old beliefs will show up when you least expect them. In this lesson, we’ll go through thought pattern interruption using proven tools and techniques to rewrite your money story.

Lesson 3: The Money Manifestation Ritual

In this lesson, we’re going deep into what you need to know about manifestation for long-lasting change and ease. Let’s anchor in the feeling of what you truly desire and watch it unfold in your reality.

Sign Up Now and Receive These Sweet Money Manifestation Bonuses

Manifestation Tools To Support Your Journey 

✔️ Anchoring tutorial & tools

✔️ Journaling prompts for repetition

✔️ Meditation audios

✔️ 21-Day Manifesting Challenge

Imagine who you will become when you learn to master your mind to manifest more.
Manifest more money
Manifest more money
What is possible for you when you increase your income and exceed your money goals?
Get clear on your ability to manifest a life designed BY YOU!
Manifest more money
Manifest more money
Ready to see what you'll manifest?

Imagine being able to feel amazing about all aspects of money from receiving, saving, and spending. 


Imagine confidently raising your rates or not freaking out over every bill. 


Imagine a fat bank account and knowing you can receive money anytime. 


Imagine never having to say no to something you desire because of money. 


Imagine more money than you can comprehend right now. 


All of this is possible for you. It’s time to break through the money plateau.

Manifest more money

A Money Manifestation Ritual Helps You Get To The Next Level By Receiving With Ease

Has manifesting money always felt like a mystery to you but now you’re ready to crack the code wide open?

My unique process requires change at a neurological level and you’ll learn how to manifest money faster and with more ease that is actually sustainable.

This isn’t just a manifest one-time deal. 

This is an ongoing manifestation to call in that ca$h money for the rest of your life. 

The time is now. Don’t wait another year still wondering why it’s not working for you. 

Grab this 3-part course + a few juicy bonuses for ONLY $27 and start receiving today.

How long will this course take? 


I’ve made it super easy for you! Each module is about 30 minutes and with 3 modules total, the entire course will take about 90 minutes. You have lifetime access to the content + all of the amazing bonuses. I highly recommend listening and implementing over and over again to get the most out of the course. Repetition is key! 


Is the material for women who are further along in business? 


The principles I teach in this course apply to women at all different levels whether you’re a beginner or advanced. These tools can support you no matter what income level you’re receiving and are designed to help you reach your next level. 


Will this course guarantee specific results?


No. While I practice and stand by everything I teach in this course, you are fully responsible for the results and actions you take based on the material. 


Have more questions? Send an email to

Manifest more money


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Meet Vanessa

Tap into your higher mind for a strategy that's your own unique process

Vanessa Ann Miller is a business and money strategist with a mission to empower women all over the globe to normalize financial freedom. 


She has helped countless clients create consistent $10K+ months through healing their relationship with money, reframing their mindset, and implementing simplistic business strategies. 


Vanessa truly believes with the right mindset, confidence, and solid strategy, women can design the business of their dreams & attract a steady flow of income in their most authentic way. 


“You have it in you to succeed, I just help you get there quicker,” - Vanessa Ann Miller


When she’s not with clients transforming lives, you can catch Vanessa on her podcast ‘The Aligned Business Women’ or spending quality time with her family. 

Manifest more money
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