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Formula to Getting Things Done Like A Boss Mom

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Want to know the secret formula to success?

I recently had a wonderful conversation with one of our WeWe Network members about the trap of comparison. We, women, tend to compare ourselves to others whether it is to put ourselves down or put down another woman. This insanity has to stop! We all are made with unique talents and beauty that was created by an all-knowing God. He made us just as we should be and equipped us with all the tools to fulfill our purpose. Yes, it is nice to wear make-up, high heels, and lashes. But when living without these things make us feel less-than, we need to realign with His vision of ourselves. We need to stop criticizing ourselves when we don’t complete our 100-item To-Do List within 24 hours. When we see another woman who seems to have it all together, we need to stop making ourselves feel bad for not being at that level but also not pull her down with our negative criticism.

Instead, use this as an opportunity to be inspired and learn from her. This will allow us to rise to a new level of greatness ourselves.

I want to share some things that I do to help me manage my time. Delegation may seem like a dirty word to the woman who wants to do it all and control it all. Sister, let me tell you, we can’t! In fact, we gain more power when we learn to let go of control and learn the art of delegation. You also need to practice delegating responsibly. When you find your day overwhelming and stressful, consider delegating in one of these areas:

The Kids:

First and foremost, I know we love being there for our kids and teaching them how to be good human beings. But have you considered how your constant meddling, controlling and hovering will affect them when they grow up? Delegating a task to the kids is something you should do as a mom entrepreneur. I have certain things that I take charge for my daughter but her school lunches is not one of them. Every since she was 6 years old, she has made her lunch every evening for the next day. I simply provide her with healthy options in the fridge and pantry then let her put her meal together. I do, however, remind her to pack it and occasionally glance into her lunchbox to make sure it is adequate. Allowing her to take this responsibility teaches her to meal prep and a routine. Some adults need this in their lives to feel less overwhelmed and meet health goals. Can you imagine the healthy habits you instill in your children when you allow them to do this for themselves?

As for her laundry, I fold and she puts up. While this probably only saves me 10 minutes, it is 10 minutes I have to do other quick chores or even schedule 2-3 social media posts. (We will talk about scheduling later.)

The Pets:

My daughter or husband usually feed the dogs while I prepare meals. This allows the whole family to have a wholesome meal in a timely manner. Feeding the dogs doesn’t take too much time but if I am able to put toast in 3 minutes earlier then it is ready 3 minutes earlier.

Asking the husband to take the dogs to their vet appointments when he is off work also saves me a couple of hours. Now this is not a frequent occurrence but my point is that it is ok to ask the husband to help even if he works full time. I find that my husband enjoys doing stuff for our family when he can. I cannot get him to hire a lawn guy because he loves to mow the lawn himself!

Get the big kids to groom the dogs. Save time and save money! My daughter can brush and bathe the dogs while I sit and write a blog post. Sometimes she doesn’t always want to start the chore but when she does, she has fun. She gets to bond with our dogs and create childhood memories.

Your Business:

People often tell me, “You are always on social media!” They think because I am constantly getting content out to show my audience that my business is “open” that I am always scrolling on social media. I actually use 1-2 evenings per MONTH to schedule all of my posts on the Facebook fan page. In fact, I recently scheduled posts for the rest of the year and we are only in August! What helps me do this is organizing my thoughts, knowing what I want my brand message to be and executing my plan. I do leave room for spontaneous posts but for the set posts like #TipTuesday or #SmallBusinessSaturday, I set those in advance. That is the secret of my success.

Try using a scheduler like Planoly to save you hours each week.

Girl, you must recycle, repurpose and chop up your content! If you haven’t read this blog post already, you need to. You can take your simple Facebook Live video and break it into InstaStories. You can even take a blog post and turn it into a Facebook Live script using Rev to create quote cards in Canva. Then you schedule what you can. You can have a month’s worth of content with a little creativity and planning.

Plan your work and work your plan is no joke! This is why delegating is important. The only way for you to achieve your dreams and goals is to execute while practicing time management. You need to also learn how delegating for results is the key to success.

All too often, people make excuses of why they can’t get things done. If you properly break down your goal into tasks, make a plan each day to execute them step by step then you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Add delegation to your formula and BAM! That's how you get the sweet smell of success.

If you take one thing away from this message, I hope it is this:


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