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How to Maintain Your Social Media Presence Without Sacrificing Your Time

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Spend more quality time with your family by streamlining your business.

Do you ever feel like there is not enough time in the day to do it all? Do you feel like you are failing to do all the tasks a business owner needs to do as well as the things you need to do for your household and family? Running a business while managing a family can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Streamline your business with some of these tips and tricks.

First off, please, please tell me you have a social media following?? You do at least have Facebook and Instagram business accounts, right? If not, stop what you are doing right now and create them. You may not know where to study social media marketing but start with places like YouTube, Google, or even my past blogs!

Having a social media presence will allow you to build passive income even when you are asleep.

Make a plan of what to post and when. This will make things easier so you aren’t stuck trying to figure out what to create. It also serves as a great way to show your audience that you are serious about your business by allowing you to be consistent and somewhat predictable with your posts. Every Tuesday on #TurnItUpTuesday or #TipTuesday, I post a business or marketing tip that our audience can use in their business. People look forward to learning something new each week. I also gain their trust by sticking to my promise of providing this information to them weekly.

Now that that is settled, let’s talk about how we can make managing our social media accounts with scheduling a breeze. Once a month, I will take some time to create content and schedule posts for the upcoming month. I always use Canva to create images to use for #TipTuesday then schedule them out each week for the rest of the month. This allows the brand to have a consistent look but also I know for sure that I at least have something going out each week. This is why step 1 is extremely important! When you sit down to schedule a good portion of your posts, you will have a guide of what to post and when. Then throughout the month, you will have the flexibility to post other things off the cuff as needed.

Repurpose content to free up time creating new content.

Save your creative juices! I recently started doing a Facebook Live each week from my computer. After the Live is completed, I save the video to my laptop so I can upload it to YouTube. Before I do that, I create an eye-catching thumbnail on Canva to use on Facebook and YouTube. I edit the video on Facebook to add this thumbnail. At the same time, I copy the video’s wording to use on YouTube. I then go to YouTube and post the saved video with the newly created thumbnail and copied verbiage. This takes me a few minutes to do. Now I am present on 2 platforms with little effort!

If you host a Podcast or are thinking about it, consider recording your Facebook Live’s audio to use in your Podcast. That allows you to use 1 setting of creating content for 2 platforms--YouTube and your Podcast. I recommend using Audacity to record your audio with a high-quality mic and save it to your computer.

Let’s say you only have a blog and writing is taking up a lot of your time and you aren’t reaching as many people as you’d like. First of all, start writing your blog posts in your Google Docs on your phone so you can write anywhere, anytime you feel inspired. Then copy and paste it to your blog platform. Secondly, use all of the blog posts as a script to create these videos! You will go from Blog Post → Facebook Live → YouTube Video → Podcast → Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Yes! You can add your saved videos to other platforms!

Side note: many people often question Instagram vs Pinterest but this method allows you to show up on both with ease.

I like to spend less than an hour each month creating and scheduling posts for the upcoming month. Then I spend a couple of hours each Friday filming my Facebook Live, repurposing the video to different platforms including email blast then writing a new blog post that I can use as a script for the next week’s Facebook Live video. That puts me at about 10 hours PER MONTH working on my online business. The time in between, I enjoy creating content when I want and about what I want instead of feeling pressured to come up with something last minute.

Let’s start streamlining your business so you can have more fun and work less!

For a deep dive into how to do this process efficiently, check out my course 14 Days of Content in 1 Hour.

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