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Are You Outcome-Oriented Or Tactic-Oriented?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

All my life I have been very ambitious. Even when on the outside I looked lost, I knew I wanted more for myself. I recall many instances in my younger years proclaiming all the great things I would accomplish in my life. How I was going to improve the world with my talents and abilities. I remember once having this fantasy of creating world peace by captivating foreign countries with my open-mindedness, my love, acceptance of other cultures, my relatability and my ability to speak other languages.

I have set goals, created a strategy, executed the strategy then revised and repeated. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to assess why my goals were taking so long. The end goal has always remained the same, it was the approach that deferred and was readjusted as needed. If I had to graph 3 variables on my journey of self-improvement and dream realization, I would have to say they were my goal, my tactical strategy or approach, and my mindset.

As you see in the chart below, my end goal always remained constant as my mindset improved and my strategy went haywire.

After many online courses and self-discovery, I realized that although I am focused on the end-goal, it makes me blind to my present execution. It was as if I was walking through a beautiful field of flowers and completely ignoring their glorious beauty and the fact that these flowers needed to be tended to. This revelation was a metaphor for how I was approaching my hopes and dreams. I wasn’t enjoying the journey. I wasn’t soaking in the present nor aware of my surroundings. If I were cognizant of the path I was walking, then I would have enjoyed it more but also notice when I was going off track. My vision was too far ahead and worried about why it was taking so long. I never once looked down to see the zig-zag in my journey.

I wish I could say that for the past umpteen years I have been enjoying the journey and have a rock-solid strategy that is a steady climb. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I only recently revitalized my goals and tactics by implementing two life-changing tools--The SmartLife Push Journal and the 12 Week Year. Yes, I have been using the Push Journal for the past 12 months but it wasn’t until I re-read the book the 12 Week Year by Brian Moran that things clicked. It was an instant light bulb the lit up my path and made me see what I was doing wrong all along. These tools are both powerful on their own but when combined...WOW! I can confidently say that in the past 6 weeks I have been executing a solid plan led by strategic tactics.

I have been able to do more in less time and more importantly. I can enjoy my family without the mom-guilt. In the previous months, the mom-guilt has been slowly subsiding with the prioritizing strategies I implemented but this new revelation has catapulted things to a new level. It is funny how this finally clicked when these tools have been in my toolbox for some time already. Maybe it has to do with my ever-improving mindset?

I honestly want to keep this brief so you can get started on a life-improving strategy found within these two resources.

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