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Are MLMs a pyramid scheme?

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Do you think that network marketing is a scam? Let's do a little comparison of a network marketing company to any other for-profit business structure.

You'll find that they have significant similarities to any other business. Just like any other for-profit business, network marketing companies have an incentive program for managers to lead their team to a certain goal. Managers are paid based on the performance of their team and their ability to lead their team. In a network marketing environment, this is the same relationship between an organization’s upline and downline.

When someone tells you that network marketing is a scam or pyramid scheme, do this comparison for them. Likely they don't know any better because they aren't an entrepreneur or never attempted to start a business. There is much more that goes into a business structure other than sales and marketing.

So why the bad reputation? Like in any sales careers, people can have a poor experience that starts a snowball effect of bad experiences for future customers and salespeople. When our brain hears negative feedback about something we had not experienced yet for ourselves, we go into it with negative expectations.

What also doesn’t help remove the stigma of multilevel marketing is that the upline most likely wasn’t properly trained to lead a team or build an online business. Your upline innocently tells you to sell to anyone because that's what they were taught. But there is no intention or reasoning behind this approach.

When you're talking to everyone, you're talking to no one! -Marie Forleo

Unfortunately, many people launch their network marketing business using the outdated plan suggested by the corporate office or their upline who has been at the same level of the marketing plan for years. Network marketing has changed since the 1980s when everyone was killing it just by hard-selling everyone and anyone.

Learn the modern way of marketing your MLM business by creating a business plan first. A solid business plan is essential to any business. It provides clarity and direction that your network marketing company can't provide on a personalized level.

My mission is to crusade for network marketing mommas by helping them change the perception of network marketing.

How? By helping network marketers makeover their sales and prospecting approach to lead with their passion and personal brand NOT their MLM company's brand.

Some moms ask "why" if they're selling their company's products. Because you're NOT your product. You’re an entrepreneur with unique talents and expertise that should shine through first. Your products are just part of the solution to your ideal client's problem.

Come up with your own unique solution to the problems that your ideal client is facing. How can your products solve their problems? Remember, people buy to either avoid pain or gain pleasure.

Have you ever wondered how you can get anyone to join your team if you haven't even had success in your own business? It starts with unshakeable confidence and faith.

Check out the Bundle to activate your confidence!

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