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Helping network marketers
develop a personal brand to earn consistent $5K+ months

So you can grow your team with ease and fun! 


Building a network marketing business has never been so hard yet so rewarding.

The public perception of network marketing can tear down your confidence while the desire of financial freedom can motivate you to keep going.

But how do you succeed at network marketing so you can achieve financial freedom and all the other things you desire?

It's with a personal brand to attract the right people + an automated system to nurture those you attract.

Learn step-by-step how to build your network marketing business and attract ambitious team members.

When you're busy, it's nice to have a system for scaling our business, wouldn't you agree?


Unlike other courses, I teach you how to think outside the box and create multiple streams of income in the most efficient manner.


No fluff. Straight to the point because I know you have dinner to make, kids to feed and laundry to fold. (Yuck! I hate doing laundry!)

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Perhaps you aren't ready for one-on-one coaching or an online course because your husband is saying you all need to be on a budget. (Boo to budgets!)


No problem! 


My digital products are available for download.  Along with my blog posts, you can piece the information together to scale your business at your own pace.

Check out The Ultimate Reels Guide to get you started on Instagram's latest feature.


Melissa Davis Garza,
Owner of the Skin Retreat, Circadia distributor

“Vanessa has helped me in my business tremendously. She has brilliant marketing ideas and brilliant ways to implement them. Not only does she provide motivation and inspiration but she gives you a concrete plan on how to accomplish your goals with her freebies. I can’t sing her praises enough. If you want your business to succeed, you need Vanessa. It’s like having your own personal Executive Marketing Director to bring your business to the next level. ”

Barbara Henderson

Barbara Henderson
Speaker, Herbalife Health Coach

"Vanessa is a Master Marketer and one of the most AUTHENTIC Champions for Women Entrepreneurs that I've ever met.  She has not only inspired me to take on my business with better consistency, but through her coaching and mentoring, my business has flourished.  She showed me how to use my social media platforms to attract more high paying clients  as well as expand my brand across many new markets.  Again, She's a Master!!"


Denise Holler
Norex Distributor

Before working with Vanessa, I had no strategy to grow my business. What I saw of Vanessa’s knowledge in another group blew me away!! I joined Vanessa’s Facebook group and continued to see all the value she gave!! She changed my life!!! After using her strategies, things were so much easier and less stressful!!


Vanessa will lead you to success if you are willing to put in the work! She pours her heart and soul into helping each of her clients succeed!!


I am a Network Marketing expert that helps network marketing moms develop a personal brand strategy to earn consistent $5K+ months by creating a sales, marketing, and recruiting process without the stress of cold prospecting so they grow their team with ease.

​You’re in the right place if you’re ready to craft a personal brand, release limiting beliefs and follow an actionable strategy that attracts the right customers and team members.

If you’re looking for guidance to design the business of your dreams that is not only led by your most authentic self but magnetizes a steady flow of eager buyers without the stress and discomfort of cold DMs or tacky product selfies then I’m the guide to see you through.

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