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Network Marketing Tips, Training and Tools for Beginners

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Are you new to network marketing and already feel overwhelmed with where to start? Listen to these network marketing tips for guaranteed success!

First know that when you are recruiting new team members many will ask, "Can network marketing really work?" This doubt is why many network marketing companies stress the need for personal development and to strengthen your network marketing mindset.

But don't stop at personal development. Really dig up the weeds to plant new seeds. I work with clients to eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs using EFT, TIME techniques and hypnosis. With the techniques, we get to the root cause of mindset blocks.

As far as the network marketing tips for beginners, get ready to seriously level up your A-game and skyrocket up your sales and marketing plan!

Let's get started.

Identify your ideal client profile using the acronym IRS. The "I" stands for identify. Getting crystal clear on who your ideal client is will save you time and get you to where you want to go faster.

There are many network marketing businesses that tell you that you could sell to anyone. But the reality is when you're talking to everyone, you're talking to no one! You're making It's so generalized that they feel like they're just in a big crowd instead of you picking them out of that crowd, and saying, "Jessica, I know what you're going through. I know your struggles. I got you. I can help you this way."

The "R" in IRS is research. Do the research and set up interviews with people that fit your ideal client profile. If you haven't watched my YouTube video yet about why this is crucial in laying the foundation of any successful business, go watch it here. You will find that you will better understand your ideal client. Use the information that they share with you to fuel your social media content.

Lastly, the "S" stands for structure. With your research, structure your content around what they tell you about their fears, struggles and desires. This will make them think that you get them and truly know them; thus, increasing your like, know and trust factor.

Watch the video on How to Get Anyone to Buy Anything From You 👇

When your audience trusts you, they will buy from you.

Now that you have taken the time to get to know your ideal client, let’s talk about network marketing prospecting tools.

Create a network marketing sales funnel to get people in your space, nurture a relationship with them, then make an offer to them. This can be done in many forms but the idea is to capture their email address so you can take the conversation away from the eyes of everyone on social media to a more intimate connection on email.

Here are some offers that you can provide to your prospective in exchange for their email address:

  1. Free download: guide, PDF, checklist, template, or any other digital download that they can use to get the results they are looking for without necessarily having to buy your product or service. For example, a health coach can offer a meal plan template to help her audience get organized each week and save time when they meal prep. The follow-up email sequence is where she can add more value then recommend products or services to purchase. (More about email sequence later.)

  2. A quiz is a popular way to not only add value with the tips and insights you provide but it's fun for your audience because it's interactive. When you have a fun quiz that gets people excited about their results, they are more likely to share your quiz causing it to spread like wildfire.

  3. Create a Facebook group with member-only content and require them to give you an email list to join. This offer will allow you to connect with your audience especially if you do a lot of live videos within the group. Video is a quick way to connect because they feel like they're with you in person.

  4. Host a webinar with free training that is related to your product or service. Warning: don’t use this webinar as a sole purpose to market your products. Instead, like with the example of the health coach, she can have an online cooking class where she asks people to register using their email address.

  5. And the good ol’ fashion way, ASK! Ask people if they want to join your email list and highlight the benefits they will reap when joining. Remember to get them excited about what’s in it for them.

So far, you’ve identified who your ideal client is, what they want from you, and how you can add value to their lives with a free offer. Now it’s time to nurture that relationship.

Network marketing today is way different from the early days when the business model was really taking off. It is important to think outside the box and get in tune with how society wants to be sold to these days. Do this with a network marketing funnel strategy!

For more tools to launch your network marketing business with unforgettable content, check out my Mompreneur Digital Toolkit.


Align your passion and expertise to confidently show up and magnetize your dream customers.

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