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For entrepreneurs searching for a clear path to more income and impact


Clarity is satisfying.


Excitement will brew in your chest when you successfully complete a CEO Day like no other.




Your business will never be the same and the only way from here is up.


You will FEEL a thrill and FULFILLMENT after you go through my unique CEO Day process!

Learn how to maximize your time to quantum leap without burn out.


Feel deflated by all the things to do to reach your income goals?

The excitement you felt when you started your business likely came to a screeching halt when you realized that you weren’t getting results that matched your efforts.


Most business and marketing coaches teach a basic strategy to scale your business and expand your reach…


But my method takes a logical approach and activates it with emotion to guarantee that you happily and joyfully follow through.


Let’s take a bird’s eye view of your business then swoop in deep to reveal potential opportunities for more income and impact.

This 2-hour workshop will be interactive. You will leave with an actionable marketing strategy.




6-Figure Scaling Strategy

Pinpoint any and all blind spots in your business that are causing time, money and energy leaks. 

Create a prioritizing strategy that keeps you laser focused on your goals so you achieve them with greater ease and flow.

Leave with a simple content strategy that you can repurpose for multiple platforms then rinse and repeat each month.

The Balanced Workweek

Learn how to transform your workweek to create more space for the things and people you love.

This unique process will create intentionality in your business helping you attract more dream clients without burnout and overwhelm. 

It will leave you with the clarity and confidence to build a thriving business while allowing yourself time to enjoy life without the guilt.

Digital CEO Assets

Feel confident that you will stay on track! 

Leave with customizable resources that you can use each month during your CEO Day:


  • Channeling Your Higher Self for Business Guidance worksheet +meditation

  • CEO Day Audit workbook,

  • CEO Day Metrics tracker 

  • CEO Wellness checklist

  • Clickup Templates


How to Manage Yourself like a CEO!

with Emma Ferrick,

Operations and Systems Strategist

Manage your current projects efficiently! Learn how to plan for and map out new projects as they pop up.


Get a better understanding of how to use ClickUp for your CEO day, how to plan your resources, and how to filter ideas better. 


 Reclaim Your

with Carelyn Torres

Lifestyle Engineer

Reclaim your vibrancy! This training will guide you to implement simple wellness routines that will support you to release the overwhelm and increase your focus and energy.

Perfect to keep your energy up during your creative days.

Coffee with Friends

Plus, access to an exclusive Facebook group where you’ll get special feedback and support!

Who is the CEO leading this workshop?

Hey you, I’m Vanessa!

I’m a marketing expert that has a burning passion for helping business women create a business strategy that allows them to succeed in business their way. 


My approach has helped women just like you earn consistent $10K+ months by creating an NLP marketing strategy without the stress and ick of cold prospecting. 


​When I’m not helping my clients succeed, you can catch me spending quality time with my family, sipping on some wine (chardonnay is my favorite), cooking, watching my favorite Netflix shows, and indulging myself in creating content. ​


Ready to ditch the cookie-cutter ways of online marketing and craft a marketing message that aligns with your values, energy, and goals? Are you willing to release limiting beliefs and follow an actionable strategy that attracts the right clients and network? 


You’ve come to the perfect place. 

I’m here to guide you through designing the business of your dreams. And the best part? This business is going to embrace you authentically. Once you’re doing business your way, like-minded people who actually want to do business with you will gravitate to you. That means a steady flow of eager buyers, which means more revenue, which helps your business flourish. 


You have it in you to succeed, I just help you get there quicker. 



Imagine celebrating consistent 5-figure months because you took intentional action!

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Discover how to trust your intuition to be the leader you were born to be.


This 2-hour, fully immersive workshop will be held on Zoom with access to the replay.

You will receive bonus trainings sent directly to your inbox to hold you accountable on taking action.

Plus, you’ll be getting access to an elite Facebook group where you will get special feedback and support!

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