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What Happened When I Took a Major Leap of Faith

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

I couldn't sleep thinking about the baby coming, the new year, the past 3 years, etc. therefore, I decided to start making a list of all the things I learned in my business to remind myself it will all be alright.

Here is what I learned in the past year or so. It has been one huge learning experience filled with joy, tears, successes, more failures, enthusiasm, hopelessness, incredible faith, lack of trust, exhaustion and tremendous energy. Yes, I have felt it all. And I am extremely grateful for my husband, daughter, mom, and dogs for making this house a loving home that is a constant reminder of why I keep going.

Ready for this list that probably can still go on forever? Lol

  1. Open and run a business--storefront and online.

  2. Set up a DBA, LLC, and Corporation.

  3. Purchase domains and redirect them.

  4. Set up a website.

  5. Create landing pages to capture emails.

  6. Grow my email list.

  7. Set up a CRM system. (save time and still deliver quality service)

  8. Set up my website’s SEO

  9. Set up email automation (to work less)

  10. Create social media content using Canva

  11. Scheduling social media content (again to work less)

  12. Set up a Shopify account.

  13. Dropship and select vendors.

  14. Import products and set them up in my online store.

  15. Apply to be an affiliate marketer.

  16. Create an affiliate marketing business strategy.

  17. Write a blog and add it to the website.

  18. Add affiliate links and hyperlinks and banners to my website and blog.

  19. Create shortcuts to run my business from my phone with a simple copy and paste plugin strategies.

  20. Identify my avatar and market directly to that person.

  21. Setting up bookings on my website.

  22. Create a membership website.

  23. Go live on social media and create thumbnails & other settings.

  24. Stream live on multiple platforms.

  25. Write and copyright an ebook.

  26. Publish an ebook.

  27. Sell an ebook on Amazon.

  28. Hire freelancers to help with content creation and ghostwriting.

  29. Use social media and its features to promote my business.

  30. Get laser-focused for a straight 10 hours to free up days of work.

  31. Create an online course.

  32. Upload necessary business flows to online course hosting.

  33. Use features in YouTube to customize channel.

  34. Create a 90-day plan and break it down into smaller manageable pieces.

  35. Purchase the correct (inexpensive) video recording equipment to save money on a videographer.

  36. Create a podcast show.

  37. Record a podcast from anywhere.

  38. Get a podcast on many platforms like Spotify, iHeartRadio, iTunes, etc.

  39. Build a list of business tools and resources that streamline my business and declutter my brain making running a business less overwhelming.

  40. Take a live video then to transcribe it into a blog post in 3 minutes, break it down to IG/FB stories, upload it to 4 platforms, then break it down to social media infographics or tweets then use it for an e-newsletter.

  41. Not give an “eff” of what people think of me.

Oh and that Google Docs doesn't have very good grammar check so use Grammarly.

While much of this may seem easy to you, tech-savvy youngsters, this took a lot for a 37-year-old woman who grew up with going to a computer lab and not owning a PC. Haha! So to all my ladies out there trying to run and grow their business, if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

(This video is my current mood after making this list.)

Learn what I learned in less time and with less money. 👇

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