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Are you a boss lady who wants to earn extra cash on your terms without sacrificing family time?
Passive income can be as easy as: Copy, Paste, Earn!

Earn easy, passive income when you become an Aligned Business Woman Referral Partner!

Launching a business and products takes a lot of creativity and effort. Not to mention the time and energy it takes to market your offers.

What if you could still generate 4 and 5 figure months by simply and passively mentioning other people's offers?

Running an online business takes time and energy.


You must...

Create the offer and set up the sales funnel.

Network on social media to increase your visibility.

Post engaging content to promote your offers.

Get on sales calls to sell your offer.

Deliver the offer!

A lot goes into just one of your offers.

What if I could make it simple and easy for you to earn passive income online?


the Aligned Business Woman Partner Program

Join my affiliate program to learn and earn!

Earning extra cash gets to be easy!

You're ready for time flexibility and financial freedom. Achieve that by adding a 2nd stream of income that also takes the load off creating and launching new offers or starting your own business.


Young Businesswomen

Why this program works

Most referral programs just give you an affiliate link, and then send you on your way.

But when you join the Aligned Business Woman Referral Program, I provide you with a full marketing toolkit PLUS opportunities to learn my proven sales and marketing strategies.

As a referral partner, you'll learn how to more easily sell your own offers!

The referral process:

Apply below and I will send you a link to create your affiliate account. Once you join up, you’ll get instant access to the links you need and I’ll send you an email with some tips, useful resources and creative content ideas!

Promote your unique affiliate link on your social media, to your email list, on a blog post or talk about it in a FB group live!

Or just simply send the link to a friend!

Earn up to 40% commissions every time someone purchases a product through your link OR comes back to buy later. You will receive your commissions via Paypal. Receive extra rewards when you do especially well! 

Have a team? Leverage my team training program. Invite me to train your team on one of my signature topics. After the training should a team member want to join one of my programs, you earn a commission using your link!

Give your mind, body and soul a rest from "hustle-mode"!
Yoga Session

Imagine all the things you can do when you supplement your income with our easy 3-step referral process!

You'll have more money and time to splurge on self-care days or shopping sprees...

all while your business is thriving!

  • Q: How much commission will I earn for promoting these products?
    Commissions go up to 40% for online courses.
  • Q: What is the cookie/referral period?
    The cookie (aka the tracking of the link) is 365 days as long as the program is offered. So if you refer someone who purchases a product 6 months later, you will still earn the commission!
  • Q: How and when will I get paid?
    On most programs, you will get paid via Paypal automatically after 30 days. However, some programs pay out commission within 7 days. The reason for the delay is to give the customer time to ask for a refund.
  • Q: How can I promote my link?
    I want to make things super simple and fun for you! Once your affiliate application is approved, you'll receive access to a marketing toolkit with resources and ideas to promote your affiliate link. Resources include email and posts swipes, graphics and access to my team training program. There are so many ways you can promote the programs from writing blog posts to creating pins to promoting on social media or running email campaigns! You can even promote my free lead magnets to lock your cookie and allow me to do the hard work of selling on your behalf!
  • Q: Do I have a minimum of sales to meet?
    Absolutely not! In fact, you don't even have a maximum. You can make as much or as little as you want when you're in my affiliate program.
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