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Ain't No One Have Time for Income Slumps

Magnetize & Monetize with
101 Journal Prompts for Women Entrepreneurs to Transform Dreams Into Reality

This journal is backed by principles from psychology that experts swear by! This isn't just any journal; it's a mindset-transforming toolkit designed to help you break free from self-doubt and business roadblocks.


Why should you be excited? Well, think of it as having a personal business coach, but in journal form!


These prompts help you:

  • Kick negative thoughts to the curb and replace them with empowering beliefs 🚀

  • Map out business goals that are not just dreams but achievable realities 🎯

  • Turn your stress and overwhelm into fuel for your entrepreneurial journey 🧘‍♀️

  • And much more!


Ready to shift from a scarcity mindset to a blueprint for success and abundance?


Hit that "Sign Up" button below to join the waitlist. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this!

The Story Behind the Journal

Meet Vanessa Ann Miller

Hey there, I'm Vanessa – your business and money strategist. When I graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor's degree in Business, I thought I had all the answers.


But I soon realized that building a successful business in the "real world" requires much more than just academic knowledge. It requires grit, resilience, and an unshakeable belief in yourself—qualities that often aren't listed in any syllabus but are crucial to your entrepreneurial journey.

Why These Journal Prompts?

I created these journal prompts specifically for women entrepreneurs because I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Believe me, I've been there.


Just like you, I had to learn my way through the intricate maze of business strategies, financial planning, and personal branding—all while overcoming the internal barriers that often keep us from reaching our true potential.


Throughout my years of guiding amazing women to claim their profits and rewrite their stories, I've found that one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal is self-awareness. The more you understand yourself, the better equipped you are to make decisions that align with your values and aspirations.


But achieving that self-awareness isn't always straightforward. Sometimes, we need a little nudge to dig deep and confront the thoughts and feelings we'd rather ignore.


That's why I've compiled this list of 101 Journal Prompts designed to help you identify and overcome your limiting beliefs.


They cover various topics—from emotional wellness and decision-making to marketing strategies and financial planning.


All of these areas are crucial to your business success and personal fulfillment.

Why Is This Important for Women Entrepreneurs?

You might wonder, "Why are these prompts geared specifically toward women entrepreneurs?" The reality is that while the business world has made significant strides toward gender equality, women entrepreneurs still face unique challenges.


Whether it's breaking through the "glass ceiling," juggling multiple roles or battling societal expectations, the journey is often different for us. These prompts address those unique concerns and empower you to rise above them.

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