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The Results You Want without the Waiting

Get the support you need and the results you want without a long-term coaching contract. Snag your (Surprise) Intro Coaching Call!

1. Buy a spin or two!  2. Win a strategy call. 3. Strategize with me!

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How it Works

Spin the wheel to get at least 1 private 60-minute strategy call!

  • Add as many spins as you want to your cart then checkout.

  • Join the Aligned Business Woman Facebook community and get ready to be surprised!

  • Tune in live to see what you won! (You will win something for each spin! You will be tagged in a post to announce which call you won and a booking link will be emailed to you.)

  • Choose the focus of our call--biz strategy, habit reprogramming, or Human Design reading?



*See a video example of spin that will go live inside the ABW community.

Want more than one call?

Buy multiple spins to win more! EACH spin will get at least ONE of the following:

  • 60-minute Business Audit and Strategy call (valued at $297)

  • 2-hour Business Audit and Strategy call (valued at $555)

  • 6-hour VIP Day: Business Audit, Strategy + Implementation* (valued at $997)

Examples: 2 spins could get you 1 VIP Day plus one 2-hour Subconscious Habit Reprogramming + Belief Edit 


With 2 spins, you could win two 60-minute Business Audit and Strategy calls

Either way, you come out ahead!

*Note: Only 1 VIP Day per 3 of your spins. Buy 4 spins and have a chance to win 2 VIP Days!


*Each product is valued at $27


7 Steps to Creating a Profitable Business

7 Steps to Creating A Profitable Business with CEO Power Planning and Feminine Energy Workbook: Where Dreams and Reality Align


Contains over 100 Journal Prompts for:

  • Self-Discovery and Business Growth

  • Dream Business Strategy

  • Defining Your Ideal Client

  • Crafting Offers Aligned with Business Values

  • Understanding the Client's Transformation Journey

  • Integrating Human Design in Sales and Marketing

  • CEO Power Planning

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Oracle Deck

Biz Coach in a Box Oracle Deck

The "Biz Coach in a Box Oracle Deck" is a transformative entrepreneur oracle deck with 52 cards designed exclusively for women entrepreneurs. 

  • Intuitive Business Guidance: Receive crystal-clear advice for your business decisions.

  • Strategically Curated: Created by Vanessa Ann Miller, your business and money strategist of the Aligned Business Woman brand.

  • Portable and Easy-to-Use: Fits in your purse or workspace.

  • Transformative and Actionable: Empowering you to make impactful decisions in less than 10 minutes.

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The Profitability & Productivity Planner

Take a science-backed, holistic approach to growing your business while balancing your personal life. Learn how this unique prioritization method helps you achieve more in less time.

  • Organize your business + content ideas

  • Create your to-do list

  • Track your business activities

  • Schedule events, meetings, and appointments

  • Plan meditation, mindfulness + exercise routines

  • Set your weekly energetics intention

  • Establish a gratitude practice

  • Prioritize your self-care and relationships


Vanessa has helped me grow my business beyond comprehension! I've had remarkable, sustainable growth every month following her methods.


Current accounting shows 500% more income from the last 2 years. She knows her stuff!

Nancy of Reveal Ultrasound


I was really sick of my day job and wanted to see if I could make my Etsy shop more of a full-time thing.


Now I have a lot more clarity about my business. I thought I was keeping up with my costs, but when it came down to it, I was leaving out a lot of expenses. She helped me figure out exactly what my costs per unit were, and I was able to adjust prices and discounts to work more in my favor.


I guarantee you'll learn at least one thing about yourself you didn't know before!

Shelley of VooDoo Gypsy Beach


I was feeling stuck with my business and not seeing any results. Now I have gained clarity on my path forward and identified blocks to success in manifesting ideal clients.

Carina of Admin Solutions


Definitely schedule a call, she’s knowledgeable & really cares about helping to bring you clarity with whatever your issue may be.

Anita, Realtor for Human Design Reading

Christian G.jpg

I was feeling on track about my business and growth from last year, but know that there is so much more in store for what this business is capable of. After our first session, I'm feeling excited and motivated, and ready to take on this next 90 days. Her energy and excitement about growing others businesses had me very interested in working with her.


Vanessa has such a great way of communicating and making you feel important. She wants each of her clients to feel heard, and truly happy with their time together. I absolutely love the action steps and goal setting techniques she uses.

Christian of Infinite Image Consulting


Before: "Frustrated - I took a year sabbatical to go back for certification, it's been tough coming back. I feel confident that I will build my business to a level that will support my family (single mom now.)"

Shawn, Nutrition Coach


She was able to share some ideas about how to put what I want to accomplish in my business together. Now I am putting a plan together from everything I've learned and the suggestions from Vanessa.

Jessica of Heart and Soul Charm for Human Design Reading

About Vanessa

Vanessa Ann Miller is a business and money strategist with a mission to empower women all over the globe to normalize financial freedom. 


She has helped countless clients create consistent $10K+ months through healing their relationship with money, reframing their mindset, and implementing simplistic business strategies. 


Vanessa truly believes with the right mindset, confidence, and solid strategy, women can design the business of their dreams & attract a steady flow of income in their most authentic way. 


“You have it in you to succeed, I just help you get there quicker,” - Vanessa Ann Miller


When she’s not with clients transforming lives, you can catch Vanessa on her podcast ‘The Aligned Business Women’ or spending quality time with her family. 

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Who is this for?

These calls are for the woman entrepreneur who is ready to take action but needs to figure out which action to take and how. She may experience subconscious blocks and is ready to face them head-on to achieve greater success.


How do I book my call? 

Once the Wheel of Names lands on the length of your call, you will receive an email with a booking link. If you purchase more than 1 spin, you will get separate booking links.


How long do I have to book my call? 

Please book your call within 90 days of your spin.


Do you guarantee specific results?

No. While I practice and stand by everything I teach, you are fully responsible for the results and actions you take based on the call. 


Have more questions? Send an email to

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