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Reels Made Simple!

Okay, okay...Reels are "reely" blowing up and it's time to learn how to create them for your business.

I know you probably feel too damn old to be a dancing fool on social media but you really want to grow your business so you're going to give this Reels thing a shot.

Well, I have good news! You don't have to be a dancing queen...leave that to ABBA.


Aaannd Reels can actually be super simple to create.

In this quick training--Reels Made Simple--I break down my simple 5-step process to creating a viral Reels in under 5 minutes!


You also get these awesome BONUSES:


Get started 👇

What to expect:

Why are Reels important? Because it's Instagram's latest baby and you want to get on their good side by welcoming their baby to this world!

Let's review my 5-step process and get excited about creating Reels.


Be sure to download the Ultimate Reels Guide to follow along.

Click to enlarge video.

Step 1: Research

This is the fun part! But don't get caught up in scrolling and laughing! (Omgeee some of these Reels have me peeing my pants.)

Use this Trello board template to take notes during your research and brainstorm ideas you get for your business as you get inspired by other people's Reels.

Step 2: Create

Ok I know I said the Research step was the fun part but when you're prepared and organized to create videos, this part becomes so much fun too!

So bust out your Trello board, put on your eyelashes and get to recording!

Want to test out your video before hitting publish? Share a copy inside my Facebook community: The Aligned Business Woman

Step 3: Edit

Hook 'em with some text!


Did you know not everyone watches videos with the sound up?

Catch the attention of your ideal client by adding text to your audio. Using quick text bubbles will do the trick. Or if you're short on time, use the Caption sticker feature and it'll transcribe your video for you.

Step 4: Post

You're almost ready to hit publish!

Write a killer caption, swap out your cover photo then throw on some relevant hashtags.

Here are some resources I love:

Cover photo editing-Canva

Hashtag research: Preview

Step 5: Share

Learn a guaranteed way to increase your views!​

This simple hack will trick the algorithm to show your Reels to more people.

Ready to double your sales this quarte? Join me inside my favorite spot: The Profitable CEO Accelerator

What are you going to do with all these new followers?

quanTIME leap promo lives (3).png

Social media is not all about gaining followers but...

About connecting with people once they start following you.

You can have all the followers in the world but if you're not creating connections with them then they'll never become clients.

Let's create a system for you to "reel" in the sales from your Reels!

I even teach ya what to say once you're in the DMs. 😉

Check out the Profitable CEO Accelerator

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