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Invite more ease and flow into your life


Take a science-backed, holistic approach to growing your business while balancing your personal life. Learn how this unique prioritization method helps you achieve more in less time.

💡 Organize your business + content ideas
📝 Create your to-do list

🥇 Track your business activities
🕘 Schedule events, meetings, and appointments
🧘🏼‍♀️Plan meditation, mindfulness + exercise routines

✍🏼 Set your weekly energetics intention
🙏🏻 Establish a gratitude practice
❤  Prioritize your self-care and relationships

The Profitability & Productivity Planner

  • Grow your business in a way that enhances flow and abundance in your life.


    Imagine the possibilities when you have the clarity and space to focus on the money-making business activities that financially support the lifestyle you desire. 


    While trendy social media marketing is enticing, it's simply a tactic, NOT a complete business strategy. 


    Learn how to blend masculine and feminine energetics by utilizing the exercises that get your conscious awareness and subconscious mind to work together for achievable outcomes.


    The tools and resources provided will help you logically measure important business analytics while inviting guidance from your intuition. 


    This planner takes a practical and spiritual approach to analyzing your business for savvy and well-informed business decisions. It also includes tips on how to reduce cognitive stress that affects reasoning, decision-making and emotions.


    Additional tools such as fillable spreadsheets, hyperlinked meditation audios and video tutorials are provided. 

What People Are Saying:

Gaby Abrams, Success Coach

"This deck is amazing! Exactly what spiritual heart-centered entrepreneurs need for content prompts. It's a generator's fantasy because it's: What can I respond to?"

Rachael Weaver, Human Design Coach

"I love it! It gets me out of my head if I'm swirling on what I need to do. Totally (for) Gens and Mani Gens!

Nicole Proffitt, Event Planner

"Already today I have been so productive.12 weeks of content done just like that 🫰🏼"

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