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Practical Manifestation: A 90-Day Journey to Align Emotions, Thoughts, and Self-Identity with Your Goals


The Practical Manifestation Journal is designed to help you focus on manifesting your desires within the next 90 days. Through daily journaling, you will harmonize your emotions, thoughts, and self-identity to become the person who achieves your goals. This journal provides a structured approach to keep you on track and aligned with your aspirations.


Imagine the Possibilities with This Journal


  • Daily Focus: Establish a consistent journaling routine that keeps you centered on your goals everyday.
  • Emotional Alignment: Use your emotions to fuel your manifestations and stay motivated.
  • Thought Transformation: Shift your mindset to support your goals and clear away limiting beliefs.
  • Identity Work: Step into the version of yourself who has already achieved your dreams, reinforcing your confidence and determination.
  • Structured Approach: Follow a guided format that simplifies the manifestation process, making it easier to stay on track.
  • 90-Day Commitment: A manageable timeframe that encourages dedication and consistency, leading to tangible results.


Why This Journal is Perfect for You


As a driven entrepreneur, you are constantly balancing your business and personal life, striving to achieve more while working smarter. The Practical Manifestation Journal aligns with your values and goals, helping you to:

  • Create a Spacious Calendar: Reduce mental stress and gain clarity by focusing on your intentions and strategic actions.
  • Leverage Feminine Energetics: Use your natural intuition and emotional intelligence to enhance your manifestation practices.
  • Achieve Work-Life Harmony: Find the balance between your professional and personal life, ensuring that both thrive.
  • Build Unshakeable Confidence: Transform self-doubt into self-belief, empowering you to make confident decisions.
  • Simplify Business Processes: Streamline your actions with deliberate planning, creating more space for creativity and enjoyment.
  • Invite Continuous Growth: Embrace a growth mindset that views challenges as opportunities for learning and improvement.


The Practical Manifestation Journal is not just a tool; it’s a companion on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself, both in business and in life. Embrace the power of journaling and watch as your dreams unfold into reality!

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Practical Manifestation 90-Day Journal (Paperback)

    What People Are Saying:

    Gaby Abrams, Success Coach

    "This deck is amazing! Exactly what spiritual heart-centered entrepreneurs need for content prompts. It's a generator's fantasy because it's: What can I respond to?"

    Rachael Weaver, Human Design Coach

    "I love it! It gets me out of my head if I'm swirling on what I need to do. Totally (for) Gens and Mani Gens!

    Nicole Proffitt, Event Planner

    "Already today I have been so productive.12 weeks of content done just like that 🫰🏼"

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