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The "Biz Coach in a Box Oracle Deck" is a transformative entrepreneur oracle deck with 52 cards designed exclusively for women entrepreneurs. 


Each card focuses on essential business elements—ranging from marketing to finance to customer relationships—all while blending proven, practical strategies with intuitive guidance. 


Imagine transforming your business journey from uncertainty and self-doubt to a realm of confidence and decisive action. Introducing the Biz Coach in a Box Oracle Deck, meticulously crafted for the ambitious, driven woman entrepreneur – someone just like you, ready to overcome obstacles and flourish in her business. 


Ideal for Women Entrepreneurs Who: 

✅ Are at the start of their entrepreneurial journey or looking to reinvigorate it. 

✅ Seek a balance between learning and action in business growth strategies. 

✅ Desire a more structured, focused approach to business and personal growth. 

✅ Aim to boost their confidence, strategize effectively, and enjoy a fulfilling business journey. 


🌟 Product Highlights

  • Intuitive Business Guidance: Receive crystal-clear advice for your business decisions.
  • Strategically Curated: Created by Vanessa Ann Miller, your business and money strategist of the Aligned Business Woman brand.
  • Portable and Easy-to-Use: Fits in your purse or workspace.
  • Transformative and Actionable: Empowering you to make impactful decisions in less than 10 minutes.

Biz Coach in a Box Oracle Deck

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  • Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Pull out your deck, find a quiet space, and let your intuition guide you. Within moments, you'll have actionable steps you can implement immediately, giving you not just clarity but also a sense of accomplishment. It's like having a personal business coach, available 24/7, right at your fingertips!

    • Sit Quietly: Remove distractions and take three deep, cleansing breaths.
    • Ask for Guidance: Request clarity from your Higher Self.
    • Pull a Card: With eyes closed and self-trust activated, choose a card.
    • Take Action: Read the card's action prompt and questions, then act accordingly
What People Are Saying:

Gaby Abrams, Success Coach

"This deck is amazing! Exactly what spiritual heart-centered entrepreneurs need for content prompts. It's a generator's fantasy because it's: What can I respond to?"

Rachael Weaver, Human Design Coach

"I love it! It gets me out of my head if I'm swirling on what I need to do. Totally (for) Gens and Mani Gens!

Nicole Proffitt, Event Planner

"Already today I have been so productive.12 weeks of content done just like that 🫰🏼"

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