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You have a Logical-Minded Manifestation Code!
It’s time to channel your manifestation power.
Vanessa Ann Miller

The Logical-Minded

You’re a sponge for inspiration! You can easily tap into ideas and creativity from the world around you. You have the gift of channeling innovative ideas and finding solutions that some people just can’t see. You’re practically a mind-reader that can download the best business strategy that will help you manifest your dream business.


Your ability to be open-minded is your manifestation superpower. You have the wisdom to see things from many perspectives which makes you a thought leader in your space.


When you release the pressure of having to be certain or figure everything out, you activate the Universe to support you.

 “The innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.
-Steve Jobs.

Buuut hold up a minute!

Something to be mindful of is that your Logical-Minded Manifestation Code can come with mental pressure when you’re out of alignment. You can put pressure on yourself to find the right answers which can lead to constantly overthinking and replaying negative thought patterns on repeat. Don’t get into analysis paralysis.


When your inner dialogue won’t seem to stop the self-doubt, then it’s time to break the pattern.


If you find yourself saying stuff like:

  • I need to scroll Instagram for inspiration for my next post.

  • What is she doing? Maybe I can do that too.

  • I am just a hot mess, I can’t focus on anything. 

  • I have to manifest this new idea into reality.


It’s time to release the pressure of having to be 100% certain. It will do your nervous system good!

Open Laptop

Cue the "but whyyy?"

(Before your logical mind chimes in here with the question: “But why do I do this?” I must ask…does it matter? Appreciate the awareness and then shift these thoughts to boost your manifestation power!


But I’ll answer the question anyway. 👇🏼

These questions and inner dialogue come from your open centers that absorb energy and beliefs from other people which triggers your not-self theme in Human Design.

Signature Theme vs Not-Self Theme


Satisfaction vs Frustration

Mani Gen

Satisfaction vs Frustration


Peace vs Anger


Success vs Bitterness


Surprise vs Disappointment

3-Step Method to Create Consistent Manifestation Power

How to auto-magically manifest like craaazzzy
Recognize your Not-Self Theme patterns

I know you’re a high-vibe kinda gal and experiencing frustration, anger, bitterness, or disappointment is not your thing. Ain’t no one got time for that! That’s why it's important to recognize what triggers you to beeline toward your Not-Self Theme

Your Not-Self Theme will signal that you’re out of alignment. Trace your steps to see what led you there. Moving away from your Signature Theme can send you on a downward spiral of negative emotions which lowers your manifestation frequency.

When you find yourself experiencing your Not-Self Theme, practice pattern-interrupts like tapping or meditation to break the cycle and realign with the frequency of manifestation.

Also understand what your inner dialogue sounds like. This awareness will be a reminder that you’re not in your power and it's time to shift towards a focus on what you do want and what you’re capable of achieving.

Trust your Human Design Strategy and Authority

Imagine how life will simply flow with ease as you master following your strategy and authority! Doors will simply open up for you. You'll magnetize dream clients with confidence because you trust yourself.

The simplest way to embody Human Design is to stay in your Signature Theme as much as possible. Your authority is there to guide you when you're making decisions on how you will spend your time, energy, money, and focus. If something depletes you, you'll experience your Not-Self Theme. And this can trigger self-doubt which will sabotage you.

Allow the Universe to support you.

I get that you’re an independent woman and all that jazz but the Universe wants to be your sugar daddy! Which is why you have access to a support system that the Universe will send your way when it sees that you're ready.

The shadow in your Culture Sphere (Unconscious Jupiter) shows how you may be blocking the best business opportunities, systems, and people to support you when manifesting. Work through the shadow of the Gene Key in your Unconscious Jupiter so that you may get to the Gift of that Gene Key.

(You can find the Gate/Gene Key of your Unconscious Jupiter at the 9th red box down on the left of your chart. The 4 looking symbol signifies Jupiter. The number before the decimal will correspond to the Gate/Gene Key number that reveals your shadow, gift and Siddhi. You can learn more about that specific Gene Key in the book Embracing Your Higher Purpose.)

Who is the Human Design-obsessed woman behind this quiz?

Amplify Your Manifestation Power

Download the worksheet and audio below to activate your Manifestation Power then join the Aligned Business Woman Facebook group.

You got this! (1)_edited.jpg

Meet Vanessa

Tap into your higher mind for a strategy that's your own unique process

Vanessa Ann Miller is a business and money strategist with a mission to empower women all over the globe to normalize financial freedom. 


She has helped countless clients create consistent $10K+ months through healing their relationship with money, reframing their mindset, and implementing simplistic business strategies. 


Vanessa truly believes with the right mindset, confidence, and solid strategy, women can design the business of their dreams & attract a steady flow of income in their most authentic way. 


“You have it in you to succeed, I just help you get there quicker,” - Vanessa Ann Miller


When she’s not with clients transforming lives, you can catch Vanessa on her podcast ‘The Aligned Business Women’ or spending quality time with her family. 

Download your Attraction Strategy workbook + journal prompts.

Listen to the Infinite Awareness Meditation audio.

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Your next steps...

So you recently found out about Human Design and you're like "holy sh*t! tell me everything!" but you feel that there's no way you can piece everything together by yourself.

There are many layers to peel back for your Manifestation Code based on your Human Design as no two types are the same. For instance, one Projector can have two centers defined while another has all but their sacral defined which would lead to different ways they give off and receive information.

Keep an eye out for a special opportunity landing in your inbox with juicy nuggets on how to understand your specific gates for your Money Code and to dive deeper into your chart. 

Let's reconnect you to your ABUNDANCE!

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