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For women entrepreneurs ready for more CASH and CLIENTS!

Free Masterclass

Ready to stop sending cookie-cutter, salesy messages that make you cringe and sell confidently to the right people who actually want to do business with you instead? 


You’ve come to the perfect place!

Stop beating yourself up for not being where you know you can be in your business. 

Start embracing your uniqueness and build a strategy that truly aligns with the real you!

When You Join the Empowerment Activation Masterclass, You Will Discover Exactly How To…

Free Masterclass

Get excited about your business again

By pulling yourself out of whatever rut you may be in-financially, mentally, or both (I got your back.)

Succeed YOUR way


Because you’re not just another person selling online and the cookie-cutter strategies make you cringe.

Cancel thoughts that hold you back


And replace them with thoughts that uplift, motivate, and empower the hell out of you.  

Create a personal brand strategy (PBS)


Through my trusted trifecta Venn diagram that allows you to hone in on the foundational pieces that will make up your perfect PBS.

Lean into your Human Design


And uncover a connection strategy that feels amazing for you and fills you to the brim with positivity so you don’t have any room for anger, frustration, or regrets.

Craft a compelling message

With your unique and true-to-you strategies to actually land amazing, like-minded people who genuinely want to do business with you!

Free Masterclass
Free Masterclass

Plus, access to an exclusive Facebook group where you’ll get special feedback and support!

Why work with me?

Hey beautiful soul, I’m Vanessa!

I’m a business and money strategist that has a burning passion for working with women entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to 6-figures and beyond!


My approach has helped countless women just like you earn consistent $10K+ months by creating a business and marketing strategy without the stress and ick of cold prospecting. 


​When I’m not helping my clients succeed, you can catch me spending quality time with my family, sipping on some wine (chardonnay is my favorite), cooking, watching my favorite Netflix shows, and indulging myself in creating content. ​


Ready to ditch the cookie-cutter ways of online marketing and craft a magnetic message that aligns with your values, energy, and goals? Are you willing to release limiting beliefs and follow an actionable strategy that attracts the right customers and network? 


You’ve come to the perfect place. 

I’m here to guide you through designing the business of your dreams. And the best part? This business is going to embrace you authentically. Once you’re doing business your way, like-minded people who actually want to do business with you will gravitate to you. That means a steady flow of eager buyers, which means more revenue, which helps your business flourish. 


You have it in you to succeed, I just help you get there quicker. 


Free Masterclass
Free Masterclass

If you’re ready to stop trying to fake it until you make it and show up constantly with unwavering confidence, make sure to...

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Image by Sarah Gualtieri

Discover how embracing your uniqueness and building a business strategy that is in alignment with your energy, values, and goals is truly magic.

This fully immersive masterclass is going to be a sweet 4 days long. The way it works is super simple. You’ll be getting one video that's under 20 minutes per day directly to your email. You'll also receive powerful workbooks to help you take action. We do this so you can carefully follow along and get the absolute most out of the content of the course because let’s face it, your time is valuable.

Plus, you’ll be getting access to an exclusive Facebook group where you will get special feedback and support!

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