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Are you trying to grow your business on social media but don't know where to start? You post one day then go weeks without another post.
When you have an online business, social media serves as your storefront. If you aren't posting consistently, your storefront will look closed and your customers will leave.
There are 3 reasons why people don't engage with you which makes it hard to turn them into clients:
  1. Your posts are self-centered and you don't make it about them.
  2. You don't ask them to take action on your posts.
  3. You don't show up consistently to show them that you're trustworthy.
Build your know, like, and trust factor by showing your followers that you are reliable and show up more frequently in the next 31 days.
Get unstuck with 31 days of writing prompts that will get your followers engaging with you.
These prompts are diverse so you can use them as inspiration for a blog post or email campaign.
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