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You're an influencer like Angelina Jolie!

Angelina Jolie has an upbeat, open, and inspiring nature that allows her to easily attract people and quickly make friends. Her uncanny ability to motivate others makes her the perfect fit for sales and marketing. 


Like Angelina, your passionate personality is optimistic and energetic when it comes to your business and life. The way you think outside of the box always brings your vision to life. 


People love your style and vibe. They want to be more like you so much that they want to shop where you shop, eat where you eat, and look to you for the scoop on what’s trending. You have the ability to reach inside their subconscious and influence them to pick up what you’re putting down. Your opinion and knowledge are trusted and well-respected. 

As an influencer, like Angelina, you enjoy collaborating and partnering with other business owners and tend to build relationships fast. You need to take advantage of this skill to attract clients and team members into your inner circle.


Remember that you're unique! How do you make your remarkable influence build a successful business? 

Leverage the brand recognition and authority of top brands through affiliate marketing! Gain credibility by partnering with highly recognized brands to build up your own personal brand and business.

When executed properly, this can fluidly feed your current business with new leads of team members and clients. You'll be seen as an influencer that they'll want to work with because you’re adding value before convincing customers to buy. 

Your business blueprint is Affiliate Marketing.
Ready to know how you can take advantage of your skills to take your network marketing business to the next level?
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“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.” 
-Robert Foster Bennett

How to rock this

Attract new customers and generate more income and opportunities with affiliate marketing.

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What’s affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product that pairs well with your current brand, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

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How can you benefit from affiliate marketing?


It’s a lucrative and far-reaching industry. Many Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Southwest Airlines, and Macy’s have affiliate programs.


It's a low-cost business opportunity. You don’t need to invest any money to apply to affiliate programs.


Enjoy independence, flexibility, and convenience. Although you may be promoting a big corporation, you aren't bound to their schedule or office location. Affiliate marketing is primarily done online so you can do it from anywhere in the world.


No need to come up with your own product. In fact, you don’t have to worry about processing orders or payments as this is all done by the merchant.


The merchants will usually provide excellent support for their affiliates by regularly updating ads and promotions to maximize the earning potential for both parties.

How can affiliate marketing fit into your current network marketing business model?

Here are some examples:

health coaches

Health coaches that are also foodies, can collaborate with prepared meal services or healthy food delivery services.

Wellness coaches

Essential oil advocates can partner with yoga wear, diffuser manufacturers, and roller distributors that their clients will need to use their oils.


Fitness coaches can promote activewear, footwear, and organic food products like Thrive market or Daily Harvest.


Jewelry stylists can become brand ambassadors for major clothing brands and model their jewelry with these brands’ apparel.

The possibilities are endless! And you can also have multiple brand partnerships.

Imagine feeling more confident in approaching others. Find out how you can help them personally to get results with your products or services. You'll show up more assertively, leverage your communication skills to connect with people better, and feel more comfortable in your overall approach.


Envision having financial freedom without having to work so hard each day. You'll be traveling the world, going on adventures, and focusing on what matters most to you. You'll be supporting your family, all while helping others.


Soon you'll comfortably talk to people about your products in a way that connects with them. You'll build your tribe (and residual income) like you've always wanted and know it was ALL worth it in the end.


Want me to show you the way to generate leads, grow your profits, and recruit team members? You'll attract abundance, a loyal tribe, and the life of your wildest dreams.


Let’s start with your ideal clients.



Get crystal clear on what your audience is asking for. Do your research by surveying your audience and asking them what they would like to see or know more about as it pertains to your business. 



Find out what they are currently doing to satisfy this need or getting this information. Where are they going to get information or advice?



Research by asking them questions to find out their pain points, what's holding them back, and how they'd feel if their problem is resolved.



Organize their answers in a spreadsheet to pinpoint overlapping concerns or pain points.


create solutions

Start with the most common pain point and create your own unique solution to this problem.

Download your Business Plan Template now to get started.

In case you're wondering...

who the person is behind this really cool quiz you just took, let me introduce myself.


I’m Vanessa! I'm a business strategist who teaches effective time management and money-making strategies. I help mompreneurs increase their profits & confidence while they work from home creating the life they love. The methods I teach help them earn more while working less.


I have researched the mindset of successful women entrepreneurs and what drives them as well as what they struggle with in growing their network marketing business.


With this research, I’ve had clients go from saying, “I’m the least patient person I know” to “I can’t believe this technique built my business so fast! What the heck was I waiting for?"​

My clients are able to replace and exceed their full-time income after scaling their business with my smart, effective strategies.


Stick around for some badass money-making strategies that’ll blow your mind and blow up your bank account!


Hey friend!

I'm excited that you took this quiz to learn how to boost your network marketing sales. It shows that you are dedicated to growing your business and not treating it like a hobby.

That's why I'm dedicated to helping you grow your business and won't ever waste your time but will deliver you actionable steps.


Sometimes we need a little nudge to think outside the box and tap into our greatness with confidence.

All my best,


Now that you have your business blueprint here are some goodies to hype you up!

business plan template

A solid business plan is essential to any business. It provides clarity and direction that your network marketing company can't provide on a personalized level.

productivity & focus worksheet

Did you know 1% daily action can yield tremendous results over time? In fact, 1 penny compounded over 30 days will become over $5.3 million. Imagine what your business could look like over 30 days if you took daily action.

mindset hacks

Eliminate that stinkin' thinkin' that is holding you back. Try these daily mantras and mind exercises for mental strength and confidence boost.

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