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Sell Yeah! Minimind

 “I want to stand out in Facebook groups so my dream clients slip into my DMs!”

Ready to have more control and confidence in where your next sale will come from?

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Have you ever wondered if people are truly monetizing Facebook groups and if so, how are they doing it?

If you’re tired of hearing crickets on your posts and drowning in a busy feed or if you find yourself constantly asking yourself “why is she having more success when I’m following the same strategy?” then listen up.


Forging someone else's strategy instead of one that is uniquely you is not going to attract aligned clients and will for sure leave you feeling like an impostor.


And when you’re not getting the results you want and feel like a fraud, you’ll talk yourself out of showing up.


Now that’s not going to sell out your group program or VIP days, will it?

"It’s time to build a profitable business where you enjoy selling your way and sales come naturally."



You’re tired of second-guessing your marketing message:


“Am I being clear? Is my ideal client resonating with this post? Is my copy persuasive? Am I being too pushy?”

You know you rather be waking up to an inbox full of potential clients asking about your offer than feeling bummed that you don't have any sign-ups or inquiries.


If you spend your mornings checking your notifications to see if any sales came through then head over to your messages to see if anyone is asking about your free training but your inbox is empty, let’s change that!


No matter what the “experts” tell you, you CAN build a profitable 6-figure+ business with a small audience.


You can now stop stressing about:

  • Growing your FB group by thousands to have people to sell to

  • Building your email list so you can bypass the algorithm and get your message directly in your dream client’s awareness

  • Sending cold DMs that you dread and aren't effective

  • Hosting live events that get little views or engagement


You’re going to create your own damn algorithm! 


 How much longer are you going to go without paying yourself because your business revenue just doesn’t support it?

Chasing down people to pitch your offers is probably making you feel more drained than empowered, huh?


Especially when you’re not making the sales you hoped for!

Imagine being able to sell out your program in just 4 weeks. You'd have a marketing message and prospecting system that sold for you so you can focus on serving your clients and enjoying life.


  • You’d show up more consistently

  • Get more engagement on your copy that’s spot on for your dream clients

  • You’ll always have someone who’s interested in your offers to talk to


Studies show that 90% of online businesses fail within the first year because they lack confidence in their sales and marketing strategy while not being prepared with the proper entrepreneurial skills.


If you’re running your business all willy-nilly without a step-by-step outreach framework or clear messaging, you’re going to get willy-nilly results.


You don’t have to follow my exact strategy, you just have to follow a consistent one.

That’s why I created the Sell Yeah! Mini-mind so you can get the support you need to create a bank of marketing messages that are clear and resonate with your audience so you easily open up more sales conversations.


In just 4 weeks, you will map out a prospecting strategy that excites you and fill your content bank with spot-on marketing messages that attract your dream clients into your DMs.


Get ready to say goodbye to awkward DMs where you don’t know how to bring up your offer—and say hello to sales in your sleep!


Sell Yeah! Mini-mind is a 4-week program that includes prospecting and scripting workbooks, and a small, private confidence-building community of women JUST like you looking to fill their programs with dream clients.


This process is the exact framework I use to connect with more 1:1 clients and 3x my email list with qualified prospects that stick around!

When you join the Sell Yeah! Mini-mind, here’s an overview of what you’ll get …

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

This is not a one-size-fits all strategy. It's a customizable framework that we will work on together as a group each week.

Each week you'll receive a writing task that you can bring to the group call for feedback and tweaking. We'll discuss your plan for prospecting and pivoting into sales conversations.

Weekly Prospecting Party Hour

Put what you’re creating to work! Each Tuesday, we’ll meet to prospect and connect with potential clients using the framework you’ll learn in the program.

Your Content Plan for Prospecting spreadsheet filled with customized marketing messages and scripts will be your action-plan during these co-prospecting sessions.

Group Voxer for Support

Let's keep the high-vibes and momentum going throughout the weeks! 

This Voxer chat will be popping with celebrations, wins and networking! Form a sisterhood that will continue long after the last call.

How does it work?

Here’s the Process:


Complete the copywriting assignments inside the lessons and fill out your Content Plan for Prospecting spreadsheet each week.


Bring your questions and work to the group coaching call for feedback and tweaking.  


Show up to the weekly Prospecting Party Hour to put your copy and scripts to the test and build your prospect hot list.

And did someone say BONUSES?

Check them out...

  • A 60-minute strategy call with me, so we can pinpoint which part of the sales cycle you get stuck at and how we can make it run more smoothly

  • Sales Confidence Subconscious Reprogramming audio to rewire your beliefs system to a more empowering, action-taking version of yourself

  • 2 self-study modules on my CopyCatch Method and Copywriting using DISC to write copy and scripts that make sales a breeze!

  • Facebook + YouTube live interview with me to talk about your offers at the end of the mini-mind

  • A spreadsheet full of copy content you can post for 2023 that is tailored to your audience in your unique voice

Plus add this incredible special with Kat & Riette to save!!

Kat and Riette_edited.jpg

Meet Kat & Riette

They're lead generating experts and are here to help you on your prospecting journey.


If you are ready to level-up even more, you'll want to grab the special bundle today!


Prospecting and lead gen can be a daunting experience and sometimes all you need to really get your business going is that extra support.


While you work with me in mastering my methodology, you'll have a team of experts in the background to ensure your success.


They will:

  •  Set up your fb group as a proper SALES funnel

  •  Bring in new hot leads

  •  Increase your online presence 

  •  Get you visible

Why is this bundle so extraordinary?

Having them on your team while you start prospecting will boost your confidence and bring in more cash months.

They bring a joyful energy to your group that will increase your engagement. The support factor and not being in it alone will set you up energetically to feel more inspired to take action!

They will help you get momentum going in your group. This will leave you feeling more successful and increase your confidence to SELL YEAH!!

This includes: 

> 1 week of lead generation for your Facebook group

> Facebook group report and insights with tips and tricks to improve your Facebook community 

> Facebook group set-up to properly catch leads coming into your group

Save $110 when you get the Mini-Mind + Lead Gen Bundle for only $1,111!

What people are saying...

Sure you can spend thousands of dollars outsourcing your copy and scripting to a copywriter only to spend hours tweaking it to make it sound more like you.


Or you can keep going live in hopes your dream client hops on and stays the entire time you’re fumbling your words to make a sale.


Or you can go the long, lazy route and keep link dropping in promo threads with no context and pray for a bite.


But you’re wiser than that! And you’re ready to take action to see cash results in your business.


Your investment for a whole 4-weeks of the Sell Yeah! Mini-mind?

  • 4 weeks of group coaching for feedback and nailing your copy + scripts

  • 60-min private strategy call with me!

  • 4 weeks of accountability and support during the Prospecting Party Hour so you take swift action and see immediate results

  • 4 weeks of high-energy group Voxer chat

  • 2 methods of writing copy and using persuasive conversations for different types of personalities

  • Guest interview inside my Facebook group and YouTube channel to spotlight you and your business

  • Sales Confidence Subconscious Reprogramming audio to rewire your beliefs system to a more empowering, action-taking version of you

  • A spreadsheet full of copy content you can post for 2023 that is tailored to your audience in your unique voice

Only one-time Payment of $888

Or get the Mini-Mind + Lead Gen Bundle for only $1,111!

Doors close November 9th and first call starts that November 10th!

Imagine where you’d be a year from now after following what you learn and create during Sell Yeah!
What is possible for you when you increase your income and exceed your money goals?
Outreach can feel natural and authentic with the framework inside Sell Yeah!
Plus you'll be in caring hands throughout the way!
Are you ready to never have to worry where your next client will come from?
You got this! (1)_edited.jpg

Meet Vanessa

Tap into your higher mind for a strategy that's your own unique process

Vanessa Ann Miller is a business and money strategist with a mission to empower women all over the globe to normalize financial freedom. 


She has helped countless clients create consistent $10K+ months through healing their relationship with money, reframing their mindset, and implementing simplistic business strategies. 


Vanessa truly believes with the right mindset, confidence, and solid strategy, women can design the business of their dreams & attract a steady flow of income in their most authentic way. 


“You have it in you to succeed, I just help you get there quicker,” - Vanessa Ann Miller


When she’s not with clients transforming lives, you can catch Vanessa on her podcast ‘The Aligned Business Women’ or spending quality time with her family. 

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How to know if you’re a perfect match for the Sell Yeah! Minimind

  • You love your offer but you’re getting burnt out with trying to get more eyes on your content and more butts into your program.

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with all the FB groups that you’re in and you wish you could just make a few of them your gold mine for aligned clients.

  • You just *know* there’s a way to prospect on social media and transition into sales conversations in a smooth and effective way but you just haven’t pinpoint the magic formula.

  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure out this easy-breezy-selling-on-social thing people keep claiming.


When are the calls and how long are they? 


Each Thursday starting November 10th, we will meet at 12 PM EST for a 90-minute group coaching call. 

Every Tuesday, we will meet at 1:30 PM EST for one hour of coworking prospecting during the Prospecting Party Hour.

No calls will be hosted the week of November 21st but will resume and wrap up the week of December 5th.

Will there be replays? 

If you're unable to make the group coaching call, you can submit a question and then catch the replay to hear the answer.


Is the material for women who are further along in business? 


The techniques we cover apply to women at all different levels whether you’re a beginner or advanced. These tools can support you no matter what income level you’re receiving and are designed to help you reach your next level. 


Will this program guarantee specific results?


No. While I practice and stand by everything I teach in this program, you are fully responsible for the results and actions you take based on the material. 


Have more questions? Send an email to

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