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Want to plan like a successful, profitable CEO?

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

As we approach the last quarter of the year, you may feel pressured to hustle to meet your annual goal. I’m all for achieving goals. I believe it can be done with more ease and enjoyment than what I see coaches, consultants and network marketers doing now.

Each month inside the Profitable CEO Accelerator, I host a CEO Power Planning workshop to help members plan out their upcoming month so that they consistently hit income goals.

I’ve noticed that many online entrepreneurs rush into building their businesses and pushing out content but there is no intentionality behind their actions. They feel pressured to keep up with the Amy Porterfields, Marie Forleos, and the Stu McLarens of the e-learning industry.

This leaves them feeling frustrated, disappointed or even bitter that they aren’t seeing the results that they’re working so hard for.

I want to share my unique approach to plan like a CEO that has been activated by your Inner Goddess.

Studies show that when you blend logic with emotion during goal setting, you have more achievable outcomes because your mind and body are onboard with the actions required to reach your goal.

Ready to dive into your new CEO routine?

6 Steps to Effective CEO Power Planning

Start with an end goal. This includes intangibles like how you’ll feel when you accomplish the goal. Clearly stating the energetics of how you will feel and the person you’ll become after you achieve the goal will keep you in alignment as you work towards making this desire a reality. This will also help you embody that woman now.

Activating all of your senses when envisioning the end goal will be an energy you can come back to when you’re feeling discouraged to take action on your plan.

The tangible results such as income, audience growth and clients served are just as important as the energetics because this will guide your logical mind on how to proceed.

(Want to watch the behind the scene of this blog's podcast recording? Watch on YouTube below.)

Take inventory of your current resources. What do you have that can support you and make it easier for you to take action? Will these resources save you time, money or energy? In what way do they support your actions and desired outcome?

Have you ever gone grocery shopping without checking what you currently have only to buy more of what you had a ton of? Then it goes bad so you have to throw it out?

I have members of The Profitable CEO Accelerator make a list of the resources they currently have that will support their business and content plan so that they’re not wasting time, money or energy on something they already have.

CEO Tip: Keep track of your resource links and files on Google Drive or your browser bookmarks.

Make a list of what is missing from your resources. Now that you’ve pulled out the ingredients of what is needed to reach your goal, is there anything you need to invest in that you don’t already have? If so, how will that give you a return on your investment?

Remember: You want to avoid creating new money, energy or time leaks so not investing in something that is already in your resources is important.

"Coaches and consultants rarely check on their money, energy and time leaks leading to burnout and frustration." Vanessa Ann Miller

Choose offers that will meet your income goal efficiently. This is especially important if you're new to the business or have plateaued and need a cash injection.

Don’t be afraid to focus on your high-ticket offer. If $10,000 is your income goal, you don’t want to chase around clients to buy your $27 offer. You’ll have to sell 4 offers at $2,500 to meet an income goal of $10,000 versus 370 sells at $27. Now if your audience can support that, then more power to ya!

You'll attract clients based on what you're selling so don’t project a scarcity mindset onto your audience by assuming they can’t afford your product or service.

Choose your content topics. Once you've selected the offers you'll focus on in Q4, map out ideas of how you'll talk about them. What does your audience need to know in order to buy? You'll want to hit on both the emotional and logical parts of their thought process but for now, simply choose an overarching topic that you can build out the content for.

If you know about my Balanced Workweek Framework, then you know I like to plan out the content topics during the CEO Power Planning then I expand on the copy, graphics and the rest of the content during my Doer Days.

(Example of the Balanced Workweek.)

Schedule 1-2 Doer Days each week to create content. During your Doer Days, you’ll take your business and content plan for these offers then:

  • create and schedule your content,

  • have sales conversations or

  • reach out to potential collaboration partners to see if they'd be willing to share their platform in exchange for paying them an affiliate commission should someone sign up using their link. (I love setting up my affiliate program through Thrivecart because they make it super simple to set up and track.)

  • You’ll also host your clients calls during Doer Days.

As the CEO of your solopreneurship, you must balance prospecting, marketing and selling. I’ve found following my Balanced Workweek Framework and setting up a structure during my CEO Power Planning helps me be most proficient and productive each week.

Get a sample of one of the workbooks we use during the CEO Power Planning to keep our emotions and logic in check when analyzing our business growth.

Want to go from chaos to calm and cash in your business? Check out the Profitability and Productivity Planner. 👇

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