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Come float with us
New Moon Ritual.png

Journey with us to the place where anything is possible. When you learn how to use your unconscious mind through visualization you can manifest your dream life.

Please watch this video before the event.
I will see you at the moon!
So who is the woman behind this New Moon Manifestation Ritual?
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Hi, I’m Vanessa

I'm a sales and marketing expert that infuses mindset techniques to help women entrepreneurs succeed in business their way. 


I’ve helped countless women just like you earn consistent $10K+ months by creating a super fun sales, marketing, and recruiting process… that leaves out the stress and ick of cold prospecting. 


Want to ditch cookie-cutter sales & marketing strategies along with the money blocks keeping you stuck? You’re in the right place.


I’ll help you create a visibility plan that aligns with your values, energy, and goals. 


And the best part? Once you learn to do business your way, you’ll easily attract a steady flow of like-minded people eager to become your customers and join your network.


You have it in you to succeed, I just help you get there quicker. 



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