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Your wallet is leaking!
Your MAJOR business leak is money.
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Why you may have money leaks...

The Person with the Most Flexibility Controls the System

When you’re open to receiving money from all sources, it’s 10x easier to have money show up in your reality. Being flexible is a muscle that you have to keep practicing. It’s not about being overly attached to a specific outcome but knowing that results are inevitable and having faith that the money and results will show up. 


Take Responsibility For Your Beliefs & Actions


If only we could sit around all day meditating and have our desires magically show up. Having a desire is not enough. You must act on it. In the manifestation world, we call this inspired action. Taking the right next steps toward your desire not only show the Universe (or God or higher self - whatever word you choose) that you’re serious. That’s when the co-creating process begins. 


Set Pure Intentions 


When your money desires are clean and come from the heart, it’s a lot easier to get behind the intention. However, what most people do is set money intentions from the ego. The goal is never to outclass someone but to set pure intentions that come from the heart that’ll serve the greater good of us all.

How to fix your money leaks...

6-Figure Scaling Framework

Pinpoint any and all blind spots in your business that are causing time, money and energy leaks. 

Create a prioritizing strategy that keeps you laser focused on your goals so you achieve them with greater ease and flow.

Leave with a simple content strategy that you can repurpose for multiple platforms then rinse and repeat each month.

The Balanced Workweek

Transform your workweek to create more space for the things and people you love.

Create focused business activities that attract more dream clients without burnout and overwhelm. 

Get the clarity and confidence to build a thriving business while allowing yourself time to enjoy life.

Digital CEO Assets

Feel confident that you will stay on track! 

Leave with customizable resources that you can use each month during your CEO Day:


  • Channeling Your Higher Self for Business Guidance worksheet +meditation

  • CEO Day Audit workbook,

  • CEO Day Metrics tracker 

  • CEO Wellness checklist

  • Clickup Templates

Check out these resources!

Download the worksheets and audio below to stop your leak then join the Aligned Business Woman Facebook group.

Download the CEO Money Tracker to keep track of where your money goes.

Listen to the Sales Confidence Activation meditation audio.

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Join a supportive community with like-minded peers.

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Meet Vanessa

Tap into your higher mind for a strategy that's your own unique process

Vanessa Ann Miller is a business and money strategist with a mission to empower women all over the globe to normalize financial freedom. 


She has helped countless clients create consistent $10K+ months through healing their relationship with money, reframing their mindset, and implementing simplistic business strategies. 


Vanessa truly believes with the right mindset, confidence, and solid strategy, women can design the business of their dreams & attract a steady flow of income in their most authentic way. 


“You have it in you to succeed, I just help you get there quicker,” - Vanessa Ann Miller


When she’s not with clients transforming lives, you can catch Vanessa on her podcast ‘The Aligned Business Women’ or spending quality time with her family. 

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