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The side hustle you'll shine is a Membership Site.

You love taking the lead! You're a natural-born leader with incredible drive and determination. You take action and don't let anything stand in the way of your goals. You radiate confidence and reliability making people trust your judgment. 


Your personality type is assertive, confident, and impactful when it comes to your business, life, and decision-making skills. You have a "take charge personality” and can skip all the excuses to get the task done.

You recognize your strengths and are able to leverage this self-awareness in leadership roles to communicate and influence others. Your ability to prioritize results and action makes you the perfect curator of a membership site to coach and help others.

You love empowering other people. You know how to use your strengths and use it to build relationships and attract clients into your inner circle.

So, how can a coach like you become a successful entrepreneur? 


 Leverage your take-charge personality and coach others through a membership site! You gain credibility as a coach while building your personal brand and business.

Your business blueprint is a Membership Site.

Ready to know how you can take advantage of your skills and effectively launch an online side hustle?

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“What gives me the greatest satisfaction is the number of people I can affect with my gift, with what I do. That's the most important thing to me, more important than any trophy or award.”
-Taraji P. Henson

What’s a membership site?

A membership site is simply a platform where access to specific content is protected and placed behind a member login page. A membership site can have both free and paid members and can consist of access to text, audio files, videos, and even community forums.

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Why should you host a membership site?


Memberships let you positively impact the lives of others. When sharing valuable information, you help other people grow and learn.


You get a more reliable income with recurring membership fees and little operating costs.


Growth can be exponential! With free platforms like Facebook groups, you can have members all over the world. You can earn more and grow your community even further.


You have a pre-qualified audience for upselling as the membership sites build community and familiarity.


Memberships cultivate relationships, community, and customer loyalty. By helping others, you are building your tribe of loyal followers. Your content establishes your authority and can help build your brand while reinforcing you as an expert.

The possibilities are endless! 

Imagine feeling confident in running an online business.



You'll show up more assertively, leverage your communication skills to connect with people better, and feel more comfortable in your overall approach.


Envision having financial freedom without having to work so hard each day. You'll be traveling the world, going on adventures, and focusing on what matters most to you. You'll be supporting your family, all while helping others.


Soon you'll comfortably talk to people about your products in a way that connects with them. You'll build your tribe (and residual income) like you've always wanted and know it was ALL worth it in the end.


Want me to show you the way to start your side hustle, generate leads, and grow your profits? You'll attract abundance, a loyal tribe, and the life of your wildest dreams.


Let’s start with building an audience and deliver what they want.


Your expertise

Make a list of all of the things you've earned the right to talk about and what people come to you for advice on.



Get crystal clear on whom you want to serve and why you're best suited to help them.



Do market research to uncover potential problems you can solve for them. Research by asking them questions to find out their pain points, what's holding them back, and how they'd feel if their problem is resolved.



Organize their answers in a spreadsheet to pinpoint overlapping concerns or pain points that you have expertise in to help them.


create solutions

Start with the most common pain point and create your own unique solution to this problem.

Download your Business Plan Template now to get started.

In case you're wondering...

who the person is behind this really cool quiz you just took, let me introduce myself.


I’m Vanessa! I'm a business strategist who teaches effective time management and money-making strategies. I help mompreneurs increase their profits & confidence while they work from home creating the life they love. The methods I teach help them earn more while working less.


I have researched the mindset of successful women entrepreneurs and what drives them as well as what they struggle with in starting and growing their business.


With this research, I’ve had clients go from saying, “I’m the least patient person I know” to “I can’t believe this technique built my business so fast! What the heck was I waiting for?"​

My clients are able to replace and exceed their full-time income after scaling their business with my smart, effective strategies.


Stick around for some badass money-making strategies that’ll blow your mind and blow up your bank account!


Hey friend!

I'm excited that you took this quiz to learn which side hustle best fits your personality. It shows that you are excited and dedicated to launching an online business.

That's why I'm dedicated to helping you launch and grow your business and won't ever waste your time but will deliver you actionable steps.

Sometimes we need a little nudge to think outside the box and tap into our greatness with confidence.

All my best,


Now that you have your business blueprint, here are some goodies to hype you up!

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Productivity & focus worksheet

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