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Meet your next biz bestie or newest client at the Goddess Experience + Social Event
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Sometimes our family just doesn't understand what we go through as entrepreneurs. 


🙃 We're the salesperson, the secretary, the accountant, the marketer…all the things. 


🙃 We're navigating how to grow our businesses while the pesky voice of self-criticism screams in our ear making us second guess our every move. 


Sometimes we need to chill with other women that just get us.


And sometimes we need an outlet to unwind and celebrate our efforts.


That's why you're invited to the Goddess Experience and Social Event! 🥳


Each event is designed to facilitate bonding and conversations while allowing attendees to be in a relaxing environment that will “fill their cup.”

This will be your favorite networking event to attend each month!

Do you know why your children open up to you more when you're driving in the car with them?


Or why the participants of the Bachelor fall in love so quickly? (And no it's not because it's reality TV...not entirely.)


The former is because being side-by-side facilitates a safe space to open up without face-to-face "awkwardness". Your guard drops so you're more open and trusting.


The latter is because they're experiencing activities and adventures that produce dopamine (pleasure), oxytocin (connection), and serotonin (belonging). 😍


That's why the Aligned Business Woman brand is bringing a NEW type of networking....the Goddess Experience + Social Event!

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The Goddess Experience is for local women entrepreneurs who live busy lives and don’t always get to slow down and do something for themselves.

What to expect at April's event 👇🏼

Come experience the original women’s social networking event!

Before there was girls’ night out, women were sipping tea in cozy tea rooms to socialize and create connections. Women-owned tea rooms spread all over the country as a place for women to dine publicly while unaccompanied by a male escort.


During this special event, you’ll enrich your mind, body, and soul with a tour of tea and jam! Here is what to expect:


  • Learn the history of tea and the diversity of jam as you become a tea and jam connoisseur.

  • Tantalize your tastebuds when you pair the rich flavors of various teas and jams.

  • Understand the TRUE health benefits of tea that mainstream vendors don’t share. (Are you drinking the wrong tea for your health goals?)

  • Make every meal a memory as you discover ways to bring elegance and flair by simply adding jam to your recipe.

  • Sample limited collection and exclusive recipes that are only available to attendees.


Ready for a new way to experience a social networking event without booze?!

Corsets, bustles, and gloves NOT required but welcomed!

Space is limited so register today!


Where will the event be held?

An email with the exact location will be emailed to once you register. The event will be held in League City, TX just off the Gulf Freeway.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course! Just send them to this page so they purchase their ticket.

Are there any refunds if I can't attend last minute?

Unfortunately, we'll need to prepay for food, beverages and venue so please make sure you're able to attend.

When is the event?

Thursday, April 13th 6 pm to 8 pm

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